Day: January 1, 2011

Foundation Skill Development

January 1, 2011

The parents of a 3-old-boy came to us for guidance. Their son had not started speaking and did not respond to others.  He watched television a lot and still wore diapers. The boy was referred to us by a kindergarten because it did not have the necessary expertise to help him. Many parents come to […]

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Learning Breakthru with Homeschool Support

学习障碍突破与家庭教育补导 ACE Homeschool Support. (children with learning challenges from age 7 and above with homeschool activities)  

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Parent-Child Early Intervention Class (Now Breakthru Saturday)

亲子早期疗育班 (Parent and child learning breakthrough session) Every Thursdays, 2.30pm-4.30pm Today is the 1st day of the Parent Child Intervention Class. 4 parents brought along their children to the class. We have 2 families that has attended at least 9 sessions last year while 2 families came for the 1st time. It’s amazing how our […]

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Welcome to BEST.

My name is Phoebe Long and I am an educationist. This site is created to introduce Breakthru Enrichment Station and for me to share my experience in aiding children with learning difficulties to breakthru in their difficulties. I was a kindergarten teacher since 1999, and has been working with many children since then, guiding them […]

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Location Map

Our location on Google Map: View Larger Map View directly on Google map: http://bit.ly/BESTgooglemap Download a map in PDF: http://bit.ly/mappdf

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Contact Us

 Kuala Lumpur Office, Platinum Walk. Office Phone: +603-4149 7977 Mobile/WhatsApp: +6012 2858 957 General enquiries: bestcentre@breakthru.com.my

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