Foundation Skill Development


The parents of a 3-old-boy came to us for guidance. Their son had not started speaking and did not respond to others.  He watched television a lot and still wore diapers. The boy was referred to us by a kindergarten because it did not have the necessary expertise to help him. Many parents come to us to seek support and guidance for their children’s early development needs.

Within three months, the boy could say the word “grandma”. He also attempts to communicate with others. His parents are happy that he is responding well to instructions and that he is slowly learning to wean himself from wearing diapers. What joy!

Our foundation development programme aims to support younger children in bridging the gap in their developmental stages by using movements-based learning therapies like Brain Gym, Rhythmic Movement Training, Castilo Method, Padovan Method and sensory integration activities. In addition, we also employ free play, interpersonal communication and provide a conducive environment to tap into the children’s natural self-learning ability.

Parents are strongly encouraged to get involved in the development of their children. Through the Individualised Educational Programme, they constantly communicate with our facilitator to follow up on their children’s development and behavioural changes.

If you notice that your child is missing out on his or her developmental milestone, please don’t wait until he or she is much older to take action. It’s best to support him or her at the earliest stage possible.

Do email or call us to find out how we may support your child.