Welcome to BEST.

My name is Phoebe Long and I am an educationist.

This site is created to introduce Breakthru Enrichment Station and for me to share my experience in aiding children with learning difficulties to breakthru in their difficulties. I was a kindergarten teacher since 1999, and has been working with many children since then, guiding them to learn and building their interest in learning. My past experiences including being a principal of InTouch kindergarten along Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, using the well known Fungates System. Teaching is a joy to me especially seeing the child is able to breakthru in their learning.

I am also a licensed Brain Gym instructor, and Touch for Health instructor.

Breakthru Enrichment Station is the sequel to our well known BreakthruKids services. We hope with this expansion we could serve more families with children with special needs in a greater way, with bigger space, more facilities and more special need educators!


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