Day: July 5, 2011

特殊孩童親子營 – 呼招义工辅导员 Invitation for Volunteers

July 5, 2011

    我们需要基督徒加入行列成为义工辅导员,以协助特殊孩童在营会参与活动。我们将为您安排会前辅导培训及提供相关服务内容。欢迎点击以下开始登记。 We are looking for Christian volunteers to help in our camp! Join us and be a counsellor to take care of our children and support them to enjoy the camp to its fullness. Show love and care to our special need children and they will see this world a more beautiful place. […]

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Edu-K In Depth – The Seven Dimensions of Learning & Intelligence

From the time of conception, a child’s nervous system goes through a series of specific stages of development. Personal, environmental, biochemical, structural, and/or academic stress can inhibit the effective completion of these key developmental processes. For adults, chronic stress or tension is one clue that developmental skills are incomplete. Edu-K balances create immediate and lasting […]

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