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Vocational Skills Preparation


Work readiness practicum


Vocational Skills Programs


Education Program Intensive Curriculum


Academic Curriculum Exploration


One to one attention for fundamental skills development.

Is there life beyond the classroom setting?

The V.S.P. is intended for the student to acquire independent skills to prepare for acquisition of vocational abilities. Through vocational skills preparation, students will learn how to take initiative and be independent in carrying out daily living tasks (e.g., meal preparation, housekeeping, recycling). The program comprises oral language acquisition skills through conversation English and GrapeSEED Oral English and Breakthru Making Sense with Numbers and Money.

Our V.S.P. Levels

V.S.P. Basic

Small group training on basic chores and culinary skill sets.

V.S.P. Intermediate

Small group training on advanced life skill training & culinary skills.

V.S.P. Advance

Small group advanced life skill training, culinary skills, social interaction and financial management apprentice style training.

These activities were designed to provide corporative learning


Personal hygiene and appearance, awareness of self-identity, identify and express one’s basic emotions

Financial Skills

The curriculum focuses on developing the oral language skills of listening and speaking as the foundation for communication. Students also have the opportunity to learn introductory reading and writing skills that are aligned with developmentally appropriate stages.

Meals Preparation

Prepare basic breakfast and healthy snacks, carrying out recipes, appropriate usage of basic kitchen utensils and cleaning up.

Housekeeping Preparations

Carry out daily household cleaning such as wiping tables, using duster etc. Able to wash, dry, hang and fold cloths/towels. Able to empty the trash

Health and Safety

Basic hygiene skills such as hand washing and flushing toilet, basic safety rules, observing good exercise routines, and building such daily habits.

Breakthru® Job Readiness

  • Time management – attendance, punctuality
  • Self-management – Personal hygiene and appearance
  • Attitude and demeanor – completeness of work, basic problem solving, reason and manage emotions

Breakthru® Gourmet Preparation

Plan the ingredients and household items required for the week, do stock check and replenish stock, compare prices from different grocers (physical & online). Understand and purchase within budget and have banking skills (e.g., create bank account, bank in payments)

Recognizing His Intelligence

Makes Learning Easier and Interesting to Him.

Our activities are planned with Howard Gardner's Multiple-Intelligence Theory in mind.

For basic language literacy

GrapeSEED has combined experience, research, investment, design, text, art, and music to give facilitators the first fully-integrated program based on natural learning principles. It is carefully crafted for childhood education, serving as a program that benefits every student in the class.

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