Vocational Skills Training


Vocational Skills Training

An Applications Level (Level 3) Program


Equipping the child with actual job skills such as Culinary Skills, PA system, PowerPoint Design Skills or Home Fix. (above 12)

Parents’ active participation will ensure the child learns consistently and be committed to learn. All vocational projects are after careful discussion with parents and on demand basis only, as there are commitments and investments necessary from the family. But the result is always rewarding.

Why Culinary Skills
at Breakthru?

Our co-founder, Ms Ngiam's passion
is to foster interest and equip those
with the necessary skills to be a professional.

Learn from the Masters.
Suitable for children / teens who learn differently and wants to learn.

We have developed a series of culinary teaching syllabus to get your child started well.

  • Basic Skills in Baking & Cooking
  • English through recipe reading
  • Correct use of Kitchen Utensils
  • Organizational Skills, and
  • Skills to follow instructions.

We have also developed a comprehensive list of recipe from our experience to be used in class.

Lets Talk About Entrepreneurship.
Ready when you (parents) are!

Elaine made wedding style cake for Opening Ceremony
She completed her vocational training at Breakthru and proceed with her Diploma study.
Elaine started her own bakery shop with the investment of her parents.

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