Glenys Leadbeater

image_thumb[20]Glenys Leadbeater, a registered nurse, with Post graduate diploma, and mother, Glenys became interested in how important movement is to help people learn when one of her own children had difficulty learning in the traditional school system. In 1984 she was introduced to Edu-K. She has done extensive training with the founder of Educational Kinesiology, Dr Paul Dennison, over the last 25 years and now teaches Double Doodle Play, Brain Gym® 101, Vision Circles, Optimal Brain Organization, Edu-K In Depth, Brain Gym® Teachers Practicum, and the advanced classes Movement Re-Education and Total Core Repatterning, and Double Doodle Play Teacher Training.

Glenys is one of the founders of Edu-K in New Zealand, she is on the NZ Edu-K Network Board, became Faculty in 1992 and was the Chairperson of the International Faculty for the Educational Kinesiology Foundation from 1999-2003.

In 2001 she was recognized by Brain Gym® International with the Outstanding Achievement Award for her contributions to the field of Educational Kinesiology. She also serves on the Educational Kinesiology Practitioners Accreditation Board in NZ.

She has worked tirelessly in teaching and promoting Edu-K in all areas of life throughout New Zealand, Asia, Japan, USA and UK. She is currently mentor for Hong Kong/China, Singapore and Canada, and Asian Liaison Faculty.

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