Story of Yi Hern

What are the challenges faced my child?

My girl, Yi Hern, is 17 years old and nonverbal. Having discovered her gift for writing to communicate with me in 2011 was an amazing experience.  From there on, she has been writing endlessly.

She contributed her testimonies to our church newsletters. Since then she has never failed to write me Mother’s Day messages. Despite these, I knew something was missing and lacking in guidance of her growth.

Since enrolling her into Breakthru beginning of this year, I have seen improvements in her both physically and emotionally.

RMT and Brain Gym has broken down walls between us. We are able to relax our body, mind and soul to reconnect our relationship again.  RMT has strengthened her physically too. We can go shopping for longer hours now! She has less disturbed sleeps nowadays. She’s more matured to calm herself and control her emotions too.

I am grateful to Phoebe for recognizing her writing talent by allowing her to write a weekly report on their fruits cutting project called Breezy Corner. It’s the apprentices project preparing them for entrepreneurship guided by their teacher, Ang Nei. Phoebe encouraged her to type 2 letters and Whatspp her daily for about 2 months and now she confidently type the whole report with little assistant  without drafting!