Story of Bryan Siew

Great improvements after attending Breakthru Enrichment Station

My son is 10 years old. After attending the programme at Breakthru Enrichment Station, he has improved greatly on his confidence level as well as communication, comprehension and social skills.

Two years ago, if we were to have a conversation with him, he would utter only single words in a repetitive manner, like a parrot. He would repeat others’ questions and answers. We are thankful that he is now able to speak clearly and respond appropriately in a conversation. We believe this is because of his enhanced confidence level with regards to responding to questions. For example, he could ask his mum, “When are we going to park?” and also initiate a conversation with my friend. He is able to understand questions better and reply in proper sentences.


In terms of living skills, he is more observant at home and able to do things better. For example, once he observed his mum making a cup of milo. Later, he could remember the steps and make a cup for himself. He is also able to use a small knife to cut bread. These tasks were impossible task for him three years ago.

We are so grateful that he is taking the initiative and is more independent now. He helps his mum with simple household chores such as laundry. He collects clothes for washing and loads them into the washing machine. When they are ready, he takes them out and hangs them out for drying. He is also able to mop the floor although he is still perfecting the skill. We noticed that he has improved tremendously in terms of taking responsibility. He is more caring towards younger children. He would mix a cup of Ribena for his younger cousin first before making it for himself.