Story of Bremen

Story of Bremen

Bremen was diagnosed with Asperger when he was 14. He was an overly sensitive and emotional person and conversation was one-sided. He always misunderstood what was said, took things too seriously and ended up being aggressive and sometimes he even hit me. I felt lost and frightened because I did not know how to handle him. His father used to lose his temper and they both end up fighting each other.

I took him to the psychiatrist and he was given medication which he feared greatly. I also took him to the psychologists but the advice and instructions they gave were not suitable. He refused to follow. I was lost and struggling. He was very good with his academics in school. He did his level best. He was excellent. Later his academics started dropping. The environment in school didn’t suit him. The teachers in the school didn’t understand him at all. I had to change many schools but all didn’t work.

When I met Phoebe, she gave me confidence. I enrolled him in Breakthru. She taught me how to communicate with him using positive words. Last month I attended the Brain Gym for Special Needs Provider course. This course is about simple movements that connect the body and mind. In this course she taught me the skills and movements. I learned a lot of things that were really good and gave good results.

Breakthru is a centre where practical movements are taught to special needs children. The coaching for the parents really gave good results. Setting boundaries and facing consequences really make the children organise themselves in an organised way.

Thank you Phoebe and your team.