Parents’ Testimonies


What were the difficulties faced by your child before entering BEST?

Shu Yun academic performance was acceptably good in standard one but things changed when she was in standard two. Shu Yun was full of ideas and capable of arranging and prioritizing most of her ideas; however, she continuously failed in her studies.

What are my thanksgiving words?




Yuki Ching talks about her daughter, Elaine

This is the story of Elaine Lee Yin Lin obtained from the interview with her mother.

What were the difficulties faced by Elaine before entering BEST?

Elaine had both emotional and behavioral difficulties, she was easily offended, threw objects, hurt teachers and students physically in the school, and did not complete her homework.

Vincent and LiShya  share about their son, Bryan Siew

Great improvements after attending Breakthru Enrichment Station

My son is 10 years old. After attending the programme at Breakthru Enrichment Station, he has improved greatly on his confidence level as well as communication, comprehension and social skills.

Devigah Thanimalai talks about her son, Bremen Alegrissamy

Bremen was diagnosed with Asperger when he was 14.He was an overly sensitive and emotional person and conversation was one-sided. He always misunderstood what was said, took things too seriously and ended up being aggressive and sometimes he even hit me. I felt lost and frightened because I did not know how to handle him. His father used to lose his temper and they both end up fighting each other.

What are the challenges faced my child?

My girl, Yi Hern, is 17 years old and nonverbal. Having discovered her gift for writing to communicate with me in 2011 was an amazing experience.

Jolie Lee Seok Peng talks about her son, Ye Sern

又过了一年! 时间匆匆,  去年的 “隐形的翅膀”   好像才过了不久,今年的  Talent Time 又近在眉梢了。

去年的Rainbow Diamond,宇燊  和我合奏了“隐形的翅膀”,  至今年的 Under the sea,  从天上至水里,感谢校方给我孩子那么大的空间发挥他的所长。

Lillian Lim Hong Peng and her son, Silas

What are you grateful for in B.E.ST centre?

I am grateful for the many lessons I am learning. B.E.ST centre emphasises on: Basic living skills.

At the centre, Silas learns to cook in the kitchen. He sweeps and mops the floor, wipes the shelves, tables and chairs and throws rubbish in the library; and washes the dish cloth.

Flora Chooi shares about her nephew, Jonathan


Jonathan五岁的时候,幼稚院园的院长告诉我,他可能有学习障碍,叫我带他去检查。从当时由怀疑,拒绝事实到接受差不多用了我一年多的时间。我们到处带他寻医,做了几个检查,经过专业医生的诊断,知道Jonathan 的智商比一般同年孩子低,并有学习障碍之后,跟他父母谈了后,还是把他送去私人学校就读,希望他能够像一般孩子一样学习。奈何,我们的决定不但没有帮到他,反而让他吃了不少苦头。