Our Children’s Journey With Us …

Courage to be on stage and share.

How did I get to know BEST centre?

Hi, I am 13 years old. I wonder if you still remember me. I was your emcee for Talent Time 2014. I have been with Breakthru for three years now. Those years have been an amazing journey for me. I am more independent, confident and improved my public speaking.

2 years before

Why I came to Breakthru?

Hi, I am 13 years old. I realized I had great difficulties in reading when I was 11 years old. Coming to Breakthru allows me to discover my talent in  different ways. I make great friends here too.

1 year before

How have I improved after joining Breakthru?

Hi, I am 9 years old.  I shared some of my challenges  with you  last year. I have improved day by day. I still need to learn to rationalize my impulsivity  when I don’t get my way. Otherwise, I very much enjoy my daily activities. Last year, I was inspired by Darlene’s script about the Magical Forest. I though about it and I selected the cast for this year’s Snow White and Friends. I am glad the Breakthru directors supported my idea. And our trainer,  Uncle Keng Yong, helped to enhance our presentation.

2 years before

How did I involve in Talent Time planning?

Hi, I am 12 years old. Last year, I volunteered to plan and organise this’s year Talent Time. I appreciate my parents, Cheng YC and Phoebe Long, for giving me the opportunity. After years of watching my parents plan and organize our Talent Time, deep down in my heart, I felt that many of the programmes were adult’s ideas.

Today, what you will be witnessing is from the perspective of the younger generation. Rainbow represents the Promise of God for a better future. Diamond represents a precious stone. It is very rare but valuable, though it may be hidden in heaps of coal. But once you discover it, it brings treasure to your heart and mind. So, the Rainbow Diamond represents  the children in Breakthru who learn differently. We have such great hidden treasure that brings love, hope and great value to those who discover us. I hope you will appreciate our presentations today.  May you see and treasure every one of us as you would treasure a diamond.

1 year before

What have I achieved?

Hi, I am 10  years old. Do you still remember I shared with you my challenges last year? I am so glad to be able to share with you my next journey. I have successfully completed my school entry exam and will be joining an international school next Monday. My role in this year’s Talent time is to be the narrator and one of the announcers. I aspire many of my friends to reach their highest potential.  I wish to tell the world that even though we may learn differently, by giving us sufficient time and using the P.L.A.Y. Breakthru approach, we will surely succeed.

4 years before

What is my role?

Hi, I am 14 years old.  I remember sharing with you at last year’s Talent Time that I was shy  and afraid to make mistakes. Well, since then, I have progressed much. I am now an assistant to our facilitators. I help them prepare props for the Talent Time. I also teach phonics and reading to younger children along with my facilitators.

3 years before

How have I improved after joining Breakthru?

Hi, I am 11 years old. I come from the Philippines. When I first came to Breakthru 2 years ago, I had a nanny beside me for a few months? I was afraid and could not do many things on my own like eating, tying shoes laces and many more. I could not speak well and flapped my hands or bit my lips when I was anxious. But  now, I am more independent. I can read better, speak clearly and help  other children by becoming their friends.

2 years before


大家好。我是 Ming You. 今年7岁。我是 Zi Xuan, 今年8岁, 我们在小学一年级时我跟不上学校功课。来到Breakthru, 我们学习如何做Brain Gym®,切菜,玩游戏等等来学习。我们最喜欢妈妈来Breakthru学习如何在家帮我们按摩及鼓励我们。我们好开心。

2 years before

2 years before

What have I learned?

Hi, I am 15 years old. Would you believe me when I say that I used to be very shy on stage and refuse to talk to people? I also had poor body coordination. I  fulfilled all the requirements of the education system in Malaysia. I even went to secondary school for a while when I was 13.

However, I used to be bullied by my friends. I learnt to defend myself by speaking harshly to others. When I came to Breakthru, I learned to undo my unpleasant experiences. I learned many skills like baking and cleaning. I am also more confident now.

2 years before

My experience in Breakthru

Hi, I am 15 years old. When I first came to Breakthru six years ago,  I could not read, I could not remember  and I also could not speak clearly. My father really hope that I could speak well. Last year, I started helping in my  father’s shop every Saturday. I am very happy to receive pocket money for the work I do.

Over the years at Breakthru, I am more confident now. I learn to speak, play with my friends and help other younger children too.

5 years before

What are the changes in me?

Hi, I am 18 years old. I used to be negative and had low self-confidence. I felt that nobody believed in me. I went to many different schools. From homeschool to Chinese school, until I came to Breakthru 6 years ago. It was very difficult for me to undo the aggressive behaviour I had picked up all these while.

However, I changed in these few years. I learned to have better self-control. I also learned to express my opinion without fear of rejection. I am grateful for the opportunity to be elected as president of ‘Breakthru Junior Toastmasters Club’ this year. I also appreciate the opportunity to be an apprentice. This is something I didn’t like to do before. However, I got better through training.  My daily duty was to ensure the cleanliness of the classroom and corridor.

Now I am preparing myself with barista skills to work under the arrangement of United Voice and a job coach. I am very glad to have such an opportunity.

6 years before

My story in Breakthru

Hi, I am 18 years old. I am from Kota Kinabalu. I used to be a very difficult kid when I was young. I started talking when I was 5 years old. I liked to move around, especially dance on the rebounder.  felt bad every time people said I was wrong. To protect myself, I used to hit and hurt others.

Despite all, my family believed in me. My family and I came to Breakthru this January for an intensive intervention programme to help me overcome my impulsivity. We were here for 25 days. Now, I am a changed person. I have started lessons in hospitality in home and Special Olympic. I am happier now. I enjoy singing along with my dad and eldest sister. I would like to present  the song  ‘Imagine’ by Beatles’ fame John Lennon, specially for you.

2 year before



四岁他上幼儿园启蒙班,课程大多是看图认字,考试那方面不成问题,我们也没发现什么状况。一直到五岁年初他无法完成幼儿园的英文听写, 他其实是完全拼不到字,也认不到字。他发音似卡通,像一般2,3岁小孩初步学语的阶段,说不出一个完整的句子,只能够说单字,例如toilet 。我们之前没有发现,也不以为意, 另外,我们也发现在教会主日学里,他也无法融入同龄孩子的活动空间,经常独处。

经由幼儿园园长的介绍,在2009年,我们认识了Breakthrukids的创办人,Aunty Phoebe。我们怀着希望,与她分享Jeremy的状况,听了她建议带Jeremy去见心理医生。经过诊断,他竟有轻微自闭症,读写障碍和社交障碍等等。顿时,我的心情荡入谷底,非常地彷徨,无助。我摸不着头脑,家族一直以来,没有类似的遗传病例啊!

最后,我们带他到Breakthrukids中心接受一小时的治疗。直到12月尾,觉得每个星期进行一次的治疗不够。6岁新学年,正式让他进入Breakthru Enrichment Station中心学习,成为第一批学生。在中心,导师运用各种健脑操动作以及其他治疗的帮助,Jeremy经历一次又一次的突破。

我曾经让他上安亲班,和一年级的小朋友一起学习,玩乐。大家都很好奇为什么只有他一人以英文交谈,谁料他还振振有词地回答说:”I am not a Chinese, I am a English man.”到现在10岁了,他既能够说华语,也能够说广东,并且非常愿意学习其他的语言,也会回应老师。说到数学方面,他是无法牢记基本的0至9。目前,迈入10岁,数学方面例如百位数的加,减及乘法,以及背诵乘法表都能完成。对于这样的进步,我甚感欣慰。


爸爸为了让他有更多的学习机会,想让他参加中华武术班。但就因为中心里的一位好友- 勇翰,一句“打架是不好的”,他回家说不学了。朋友的影响力好大啊!非常感恩之前的机缘巧合,勇翰的妈妈愿意载他回家,让两人的友谊在那段时间迅速成长。他俩会到彼此家中玩乐,也曾经要好到与教会小组的其他朋友一同到kidzania 同游。我很珍惜这位朋友的出现,鼓励他从自我封闭到可以融入教会主日学。看到牧师在台上,他也毫无怯场上台,教会的人都知道Jeremy Chu是谁。这对Jeremy Chu来说是一个很大很大的突破!虽说,学武不成,另一霜,我们发掘他对烹饪兴趣勃勃,尤其是在烘焙方面。他自己频要求学习蛋糕制作。蛋糕成了,还带去中心请同学,导师品尝!


BEST Center Jeremy Chu来说是个怎么样的学习环境?我们如何帮助他的未来?






7 years before