3rd Special Needs Children Family Camp Begins!

May 31, 2012

And we are all ready to welcome our special families! All counsellors arrived at Refreshing Springs Resort yesterday for our final day of training and practices. Today we took this photo right before the families arrives.   3rd Special Needs Children Family Camp officially begins today! Can you find yourself? If yes click Like ya.

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3rd Special Needs Children Family Camp Countdown T Minus 2 days

May 29, 2012

More training were held today. Volunteers learnt Rhythmic Movements, dancing, singing and various activities in preparation to have a great time with the kids.   Volunteers also learnt about the individual child that they will be caring for today, and making courtesy calls to introduce themselves to the child and his parents. Everyone is geared […]

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3rd Special Needs Family Camp Countdown T minus 3 days

May 28, 2012

Special Needs Family Camp Volunteers training has started! Many volunteers from PJ and other cities have arrived here at Kuala Lumpur today for their briefing, training and preparation. Anticipation is in the air…   The camp will be held on 31 May 2012, see you there in 3 days time!

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