Your Child’s IEP Pathway

Organic Environment To Implement
Your Child's Goals.

We emphasise on outdoor and experiential play to build your child's developmental needs and to plan his or her goal exercises around organic activities. We ensure the following are regularly followed.

Participating in Kitchen Cooking

Lunch Preparation and Good Food

Everyday a different meal, children gets to participate in lunch preparation, however quality and nutrition are always our top priority. They bake cookies too.

Facilitator Continuous Development

Growing together with our children

All our facilitators attends internationally certified training on kinesiology and in house coaching of classroom management regularly.

Weekly Outing Routine

Importance of Play in Nature

Weekly outing to places of nature for a true playing experience. Sometimes experiential learning includes culture appreciation and festive celebration.

Extensive Educational Kinesiology Application

Getting Them Ready for Learning

With Movement Based Learning, Rhythmic Movement Training and Brain Gym techniques, children experience greater stability and connection for learning. All children works through a series of Kinesiology activity to get ready for learning.

Confidence Building Events

Events to Make Learning Relevant

Annual Talent Time and Awards Day, Sports Day, Story Time, Carnival and Stay Out Camp allows the child to shine and improvements recognized.

Uses Essential Oil

Avoiding Synthetic Medication

In the effort to stay organic and avoid synthetic medications, we uses essential oil for all our child’s sterilizing needs and pain reliefs.

Talent Discovery Programs

On Demand Extra Class

Afternoon Programs by professionals to explore talents like Drama, Singing, Money Matters, Drum Circle, Tap Dancing, Leadership and Money matters.

Job Networking

Inclusion or Entrepreneurs in mind

We constantly seek and develop sustainable skills for your child in addition to functional goals set in IEP. Preparing for inclusion or even to assist parents in setting up a business for them.

Child's Growth Path

For Specially-abled Children

P.E.A.R.L.S and A.C.E Groups
Enhanced IEP in school-like environment.
Age 4 - 17

Coaching Skills for Parents

Providing knowledge, skills and principles for parents to turn obstacles into opportunities with their children.

MAJOR EVENT Performance

Annual Talent Time, Carnival, Best Café, Sports Day, Story Day, Stay-Out Camp
All Children


Baking, homefix, Argricultural etc
** Coaching within specific timing or extended A.C.E or Apprentice Sessions


Income generator and self-sustainability program
** Upon request and with parents commitment

Talent Incubator for Children

Afternoon PLAY Programmes
(eg Cook-up, Double Doodle Art, Music and Dance etc)
All Children

Movement Skills for Parents

Transferring movement based learning skills to parents to work with their children at home.


in work-like environment
Practical work experience and coaching
Age 15 above


Sending off to main stream schools. Keeping good contact with parents to know their progress in school.


Job coaching and Opportunity Networking
** Pilot project

Partnering with the best
to extend our ecosystem of

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Re Kindle
Center for Systemic Therapy for Individual, Couples and Families

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Short-term Rental Host and Concierge Service
Job opportunities for Apprentices

Joanne Chua

Ms Joanne Chua
Professional Occupational Therapist
for One-to-One Therapy Sessions

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