Parents Consultation Meeting

Your monthly parents-consultant-facilitators meeting

Parents Consultation Meeting

From our past experiences, this is the key in your child’s journey to new breakthroughs.


Most children breakthrough their challenges well when a concerted effort is given among parents, facilitators and therapists. It is critical to be dynamic, observant and swift in identifying their new challenges, and revisiting their goals practically based on their current ability. This allows us to re-engage your child’s goals systematically yet dynamically. Remember, lasting learning only occurs when a person feels safe with sense of achievement.

PCM is our join responsibility

Below describe what is done during a PCM

Review of Your Child’s Progress

Facilitators will share our observations and your identify child’s progress


Strategize Your Child’s Development

A critical dynamic process of noticing and re-establishing priorities for your child’s development


Setting New Goals

Together with Facilitators, you will redefine existing goals and identify new goals and action plan together with parents.



Working hand-in-hand with parents is key to success. With every 2 successful goals achieved, Breakthru will rebate RM100 for the following month’s fee as a celebration!

Celebrate Success, Yeah!

Lets Do it!

Running the action plan at Breakthru and at home.