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One to one attention for fundamental skills development.

Behavioural Coaching Program for Children Who Requires One to One Close Support

Based on Eric Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development, we prepare our programs according to the psychosocial development stages of a child.

P.E.A.R.L.S is design to draw out a child’s innate learning abilities through brain neural development and motor skills development.

As the child show ability of taking instructions and ready for table top learning, we progressively prepares him/her for the next stage of level of learning at A.C.E. (Adapted Curriculum Education) program.

P.E.A.R.L.S looks into these Eric Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development of your child

How Breakthru achieve breakthroughs?

In addition to clinical goals like
motor skills, hand-eye coordination
and oral/speech development...

Emotional readiness is the key!

During our sessions, we follow Drawing-Out Education Model. Your child's brain pathways are re-educated through proven movement techniques (Move) that leads to readiness in skill-set practicing and ability acquisition in a fun manner (Play) that forms a good foundation for social interaction and retained academic learning (Learn).
and thus our motto:

Mov3 • Pl@y • Lear&

Refinement exercises incorporated in play and games

Physical and Occupational Abilities

Refinement and sensory integration activities such as physiological exercises and occupational assistance to achieve goals for fine and gross motor skills, visual and audio processing, and verbal speech. These are the THERAPY process but performed in a way that are less conscious by the child.

Movement is key in building new neural pathways

Readiness To Learn and Retain

Unique at B.E.ST Centre here: Building neural pathways for a balanced and dynamic brain to perform naturally, allowing the child to focus on tasks, make calculated choices and communicate to others constructively.

Learning begins when there is ability to see patterns

Academic Learning

A balanced and integrated brain along with physical readiness enables learning breakthroughs. A series of easy to learn syllabus developed or adopted by Breakthru are introduced to the child when he is ready.

An Activated Brain is
A Brain Ready For Learning

Introducing GrapeSEED
in A.C.E.

GrapeSEED is An
English Language Program
from USA

GrapeSEED’s approach to teaching helps children learn English comprehension much more quickly than traditional approaches because our curriculum draws children into learning through songs, play, and interaction.
Click here to visit GrapeSEED US website.

An opportunity to succeed naturally, not artificially:

By following a natural language acquisition process, each advancement in the language begins at the right time for aspiring students, creating immediate success and less stress than a grammar-based approach.

A fun and engaging program:

Because the program features a lot of variety and teaching approaches, kids enjoy learning and are actively engaged—and when kids are engaged, they can’t help but learn.

Different modalities of learning:

Movement, songs, reading, and more modalities are used, allowing students to comprehend through different learning styles to be successful—and have fun!

Both students and teachers succeed:

LittleSEED supports the teaching process with clear, comprehensive teacher and classroom materials, full professional training, and on-site and virtual teacher support.

Our child should feel safe to grow

Independence ▶ Confidence ▶ Interaction

I Am Unique,
And I Am Independent

Goals for Independence

I Am Unique,
And I Am Confident

Goals for Confidence

I Am Unique,
And I Interact Well

Goals for Interaction

Ultimately, we want our child to have a better quality of life, improving and even breakthrough from his or her current challenges! Our aim at this level is to achieve independence, confidence and interaction, broken down to goal by goal, hand in hand.

Participate In Engaging Activities

Allowing our child to surprise us with their amazing development

Organic Growth

When the foundation is set right, an emotional stable child will begin to utilize his new-found abilities! Patching their developmental gaps will allow your child to progress in the Erik Erikson stages in a safe and gradual manner. Vocational skills can be achieved.

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