O.F.I.B. Lens

The O.F.I.B. lens helps to investigate the reason why the children and teenagers are struggling and facing challenges in their interaction with people and their environment by looking from four-directional perspective of Outward, Forward, Backward and Inward. The O.F. I.B. allows us to assess the reasons and personal perspectives of a challenging and stressful behavior and, seeks to understand the behavior and provide possible solutions.

The investigation is done during first assessment meeting and will follow with Retain Reflex assessment. The outcome, together with the clinical result of your child (provided by medical or psychology professionals) will be used to define his or her short and long term goals.

This technique will also be used when an unpleasant incident happens during your child’s daily time with us, to understand, adjust and redefine his or her immediate goals during facilitator weekly meetings.