Our Education Model

We follow "DO-EM" (Drawing-Out Education Model). Your child's brain pathways are re-educated through proven movement techniques (Move) that leads to readiness in skill-set practicing and ability acquisition in a fun manner (Play) that forms a good foundation for social interaction and retained academic learning (Learn).
click on each button below to read about DOEM.

click on each button below to read about DOEM

Movement is key in building new neural pathways

Neural and Emotional Balance

Unique at B.E.ST Centre here: Building neural pathways for a balanced and dynamic brain to perform naturally, allowing the child to focus on tasks, make calculated choices and communicate to others constructively.

Refinement exercises incorporated in play and games

Physical Abilities (Classic Therapies)

Refinement and sensory integration activities such as physiological exercises and occupational assistance to achieve goals for fine and gross motor skills, visual and audio processing, and verbal speech. These are the CLASSIC THERAPY process but performed in a way that are less conscious by the child.

Learning begins when there is ability to see pattern

Academic Learning

A balanced and integrated brain along with physical readiness enables learning breakthroughs. A series of easy to learn syllabus developed or adopted by Breakthru are introduced to the child when he is ready.

The Next Level - BEEM
Breakthru Extended Eduction Model

Your child is led through a practical experiences involving not only stays at motor refinement exercises, but also apply their new found abilities to do meaningful functions or activities for himself. Such practical experiences are done at our various "Stations" which includes a weekly outdoor play / games play that bring our child back to play in nature. Outdoor play works miracle in them!

Our P.E.A.R.L.S. and A.C.E. Programs purposefully extends the Drawing Out Education Programs to include Functional Tasks and Peer Group Interaction sessions to make their learning practical.

This is also known as Extended Breakthru Model.