How To Join Us

Every Child is Specially-abled.

Finding Your Child's Needs

Identify Missing Developmental Gaps
Setting Short and Long term Goals

Through our unique O.F.I.B Lens technique and Retained Reflex assessment process

Together with your child’s existing evidence based assessment result, our system further explore and identify the missing development gaps and plan for a revisit of these gaps. Our assessment will also recognize his or her independence, confidence or interaction needs and match him or her with the appropriate learning group.

O.F.I.B Lens

The O.F. I.B. allows us to assess the reasons and personal perspectives of a challenging and stressful behavior, seeks to understand and provide possible solutions.

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Parent Assessment

Functional Behaviour Assessments (FBA) from psychiatrist or child specialist provided by parents are useful in determining short and long term goals. These goals can be included in our relevant learning "Stations" the child attends. * This is optional

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Retained Reflex Screening

Children grow up with primitive reflexes remain present may experience difficulty with control of movement, balance and motor skills, affecting his ability in reading, writing, visual, hand-eye coordination and perceptual skills.


Our Desire

To Improve the Quality of Life
When They Grow Up

Ultimately, we want our child to have a better quality of life, breakthrough from his or her current challenges, be self-reliant, be a productive member of society! Our aim begins with achieving independence, confidence and interaction, goal by goal, level by level, hand in hand with parents.

Growth Path For Child and Parents

For Specially-abled Children

P.E.A.R.L.S and A.C.E Groups
Extended IEP in one-to-one or group setting.
Age 4 - 17
Foundation (L1) &
Functional (L2) Programs

Breakthru Approach Training

Providing parents with knowledge, skills and
principles to turn obstacles into opportunities
with their children.
Full Day Class For Parents

Participate in Major Events

Annual Talent Time, Carnival, Best Café, Sports Day,
Story Day, Stay-Out Camp. For all Children
Functional (L2) Programs

Vocational Skills Training

Allows a child to learn skills like
baking, cooking or cookie making.
Application (L3) Program
** May require extended hours and commitments.


Aim to start a business for the child's future,
in collaboration with parents for self-sustainability
Post-Graduation Assistance
** Requires long term financial commitment from parents.

Talent Incubator for Children

Afternoon PLAY Programmes
(eg Cook-up, Double Doodle Art,
Music and Dance etc)
For all Children
Functional (L2) Program

Movement Based Learning Courses

Transferring movement based learning skills
to parents to work with their children at home.
Full Day Class for Parents


Train in work-like environment for
practical work experience. Child typically
shows a difference in workplace or among
college friends.
Application (L3) Programs

Join A School (Inclusion)

Sending child off to main stream schools.
We often stay in touch with parents to
follow up with their child's progress in school.
Graduation of L2 program

Job Attachment

Employ by organization as worker. Connecting with
Job Coach to provide follow up coaching for initial stage.
Post-Graduation Assistance

Individual Service Plan

We advise to formulate an Individual Service Plan (ISP)
which involves family involvement in early intervention,
academic services, skills explorations, event participation
and future job planning that extends his/her IEP as well.
Some are not available at Breakthru but we have collaborations.
Please discuss further with Ms Phoebe during assessment.

Schedule An Appointment With Us

Pick a time that you would like to bring your child for an assessment or registration.

Select A Program Upon Assessment

One 2 One P.E.A.R.L.S.
Personalized Education And Refinement Learning System
(age 3 and above)
1 to 2 Hours each session
A.C.E. Transition
Special half day program preparing the child to be table-top ready for A.C.E. Sessions
(age 6 - 12)
Multiple sessions between 9am - 12.30pm
No Lunch.
A.C.E. Learning Group
Group Learning in English, Maths and Science
(age 6 - 17)
Multiple sessions between 9am - 3pm
Lunch provided.

For Services Beyond What We Do

Partnering with the best specialist in industry
to cover larger ecosystem of family and child ISP support:

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Re Kindle
Center for Systemic Therapy for Individual, Couples and Families

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Short-term Rental Host and Concierge Service
Job opportunities for Apprentices

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United Voice
Self-Advocacy Society of Persons with Learning Disabilities Selangor & Kuala Lumpur
For Job Coaching

Joanne Chua

Ms Joanne Chua
Professional Occupational Therapist
for One-to-One Therapy Sessions

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Overview of Our Programs

Get to know our program framework and structure, and how can these programs are designed to include academic progressions and eventual as an independent worker.

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Our Basis

Our Education Philosophy

Getting the child ready to learn biologically, physically, and intellectually based on sound educational theories and applied science.

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Drawing-Out Education Model

As we look into the physical aspect of our child’s ability, we also take care of the neural and emotional aspects to draw out their ability for academic learning.

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