GrapeSEED English Program

GrapeSEED in A.C.E.

GrapeSEED™ Classes are included in our A.C.E. Program daily.

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GrapeSEED™ English program accelerates learning and builds confidence

All kids benefit from our fun, interactive program.

Teaching Components

GrapeSEED integrates vocabulary and language expressions through Songs, Action Activities, Chants, Shared Reading Poems, Stories, and more to ensure efficient learning. It balances new information with systematic review of previously covered information, providing practice and repetition that leads to fluency.

Additionally, the GrapeSEED Repeated Exposure and Practice (REP) materials provide practice opportunities, deepening the learning for students.

Helping at-risk students succeed

GrapeSEED helps classrooms with “at-risk” students by providing an environment that’s fun and interactive while building their confidence and academic language comprehension. It puts the joy back in learning.

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GrapeSEED units include:

  • Songs
  • Action Activities
  • Vocabulary Picture Cards
  • Shared Reading Poems
  • Shared Reading Big Books
  • Stories
  • Chants
  • Phonogram Cards
  • Story Dictionary, and Reading and Writing Activities

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