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Our education philosophy is to draws out the age-appropriate innate potential of your child. Using an improvised IEP system, we work closely with you to establish your child’s psychosocial developmental needs to give your child the best opportunity to breakthrough! Our appointed OT/PT/ST can provide support to your child together with our Developmental Facilitators in a cohesive and consistent manner to develop functional skills crucial to his/her independence. You do not need to walk alone. Find support and training at Breakthru Enrichment Station

at Breakthru Enrichment Station (B.E.ST)

our goal is to see all children and youth with special learning needs
develop into confident, independent and contributing members of society.

In line with this vision, we developed an education framework known as The 3P.L.A.Y Breakthru Approach. It allows neuro-developmental movements such as Brain Gym, Movement Based Learning and Rhythmic Movement to be included along side behavioural modification sessions in a careful and respectful manner, and prepare your child for learning readiness and retention in a safe space.

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A.C.E. Program

Now integrating
GrapeSEED English
along with new
Numbers Program

First School for Specially-abled Children using GrapeSEED in Malaysia.

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Enhancing Brain Organization

EBO is a fun and interesting program to keep children excited in the therapeutic movements to enhance their brain organization!

First School for Specially-abled Children using EBO in Malaysia.

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Home Visit Day

5 Feb 2020
9:00am - 1:00pm

Once a year, we bring the children to visit a friend’s home during Chinese New Year. Fellowship, food and well wishes to one another as we celebrate this joyous occasion together with friends.

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Telematch Day

6 March 2020
8:30am - 1:00pm

Family and children games!
Parents are encouraged
to participate.
Please wear the same
color code dress with
your child.

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StoryTelling Day

15 June 2020
10:00am - 12:30pm

Its expressive story telling for children and youth. Families are welcome to be our guests and listen to your child speaks and give support.

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13 May 2020
10:00am - 3:00pm
BEST Centre

This year we are preparing our children to perform at a level that will greatly amaze you - The BEST Show. Enjoy your lunch while enjoying the show. Jointly organized with PACE Association.

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Awards Day

7 Nov 2020
9:00am - 1:00pm

A time to recognize your child's achievements
A time to let them shine
A time for family celebration
The time to be proud and be moved.

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Activities Designed to Interest

Mov3 . Pl@y . Lear&

Since January 2010, Breakthru Enrichment Station provides special education needs support through plenty of experiential play, interaction and relationship with our children of various ages. Our programs and goals are carefully set for these children who encounter learning difficulty or behavioural problems ranging from integration sensory problem, ADHD, Autistic, Down syndrome, Dyspraxia to Dyslexia.

With the setting up of Breakthru Academy in 2014 by the same group of enthusiastic founders, we are now also on a mission to develop more special needs educators in this country continuously upgrade our own facilitators with skill sets and new knowledge, at the same time, provide valuable coaching to all parents.

Our Organic Way for Children with Special Education Needs

Applying The Principle of Safe Space for
Child Directed Learning within Boundaries

A child will need to feel safe in order to be calm and reach out to the world. Safe to make mistakes, safe to choose. Learning happens when he or she begin to recognize pattern within a provided context or boundaries.

Our centre’s objective is to help children and teenagers to breakthrough their learning challenges, which includes:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Language difficulty
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • Underachievement
  • Poor Concerntration
  • Social Communication
  • Difficulty fitting in regular schooling environment

Children that came to our centre to develop their independence, confidence and interactions including those who demonstrates:

  • Autism
  • Asperger
  • Down Syndrome
  • ADHD
  • ADD
  • William Syndrome
  • Angelman Syndrome

In addition, with provide training, information, consultation to parents and family members in order to see consistent result in their children’s development. We often discuss and plan with parents the necessary independent service program for their child, the way to be warm and respectful, and walks along with the child’s growth to see his or her eventual “graduation” into inclusion school, vocational trainings or job employments.

Our Programmes




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Half Day




Work Readiness

Schedule An Appointment With Us

Pick a time that you would like to bring your child for our internal assessment.

Specialized Programs

Why B.E.ST Centre?

Playground Final

What Makes Us Different

Participating in Kitchen Cooking

Children Preparing Meals with Good Food

Everyday a different meal, children gets to participate in lunch preparation, however quality and nutrition are always our top priority. They bake cookies too.

Covering Behavioural and Developmental Theories

Improvised I.E.P. for Team Effort

With our Improvised I.E.P., we are able to forge a holistic plan to collaborate with OT/PT/ST therapist to achieve your child’s Psychosocial Developmental goals in an organized manner, covering both his/her functional as well as mental needs.

Weekly Outing Routine

Importance of Back to The Nature

Weekly outing to places of nature for a true playing experience. We even expose our children with outdoor cultural appreciation and festive celebration events.

Movement Based Kinesiology Application

Building Neurological Readiness for Learning

Connecting a child’s neurological pathways prepares him/her to retain their learning better and able to overcomes his/her learning challenges. through Movement-based Learning techniques.

Confidence Building Events

Host Events to Make Learning Relevant

Annual Talent Time and Awards Day, Sports Day, Story Time, Carnival and Stay Out Camp allows the child to shine and improvements recognized.

Uses Essential Oil

Avoiding Synthetic Supplement or Medication

In the effort to stay organic and avoid synthetic medications, we uses essential oil extensively for all our child’s sterilization needs, pain reliefs and air sanitizing.

The Generation That Made Us Proud


Ngiam Lian Ai, was a specialist Domestic Science teacher, and retired as an Assistant Principal of the school PPKI (Special Education Integration Program). In that time(?)She was also a counsellor and advisor for vocational expertise, bringing awareness and initiating training for students with special needs in government schools and non- profit organisations. She has more than 30 years of teaching experience.

Helping people with special needs is close to her heart. During her husband, Lim Wah Heng’s career as a teacher for the blind, they opened up their home to nurture and care for blind children who needed support notwithstanding that they also have their 3 girls, Melissa, Melodi and Joy, to care for.

At Breakthru Enrichment Station, she has established the baking and cooking curriculum so that the students who came her way would learn a vocation and skill that would be useful and possibly critical for their future. One story of success is Elaine, who came to Breakthru Enrichment Station as a suicidal 9 year old and later transformed into a successful baking professional who is well-appreciated by her employer as a valuable staff.

Phoebe  Long  has over 20 years of experience teaching children, teenagers   and   young   adults who have behavioural or learning  challenges.  The Montessori- trained  teacher  has served as headmistress and principal of two kindergartens using the FunGates system. Seeing the need, she later founded Breakthru Enrichment Station for special needs children together with her mentor, Ngiam Lian Ai, an award-winning former assistant headmistress of a government school with 34 years of teaching experience.

The centre was awarded the Best Special Needs Developmental Centre by Babytalk + Papamama Reader’s Choice Award in 2018. As an international faculty member of the US-based Educational Kinesiology Foundation, Phoebe is a mentor to instructors of Brain Gym®, Movement Based Learning, Rhythmic Movement Training International and Touch for Health™ programmes. She conducted training in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and Spain, and presented papers on the 3 P.L.A.Y. strategy in Canada, South Korea, Thailand and Germany. In addition, she trains counsellors and psychologists from Malaysia Social Welfare Department. She also constantly shares her expertise with higher learning institutes, parent support groups and NGOs.

Her social involvement includes being the President of Parents And Community Empowerment Association, Vice President of Malaysia Brain Gym Association, Adviser of Malaysian Specialized Kinesiology Association and a pioneer of the Annual Special Needs Children Family Camp in Malaysia.

The Tireless Team

Acknowledging our past and present facilitators that has contributed to the success of BREAKTHRU. With their contribution, and over 30 years of collective experience working specially-abled children by our founders, the BREAKTHRU APPROACH is born - an in-house syllabus that focuses on drawing out a child's innate abilities based on sound classroom techniques to achieve behavioural modification. With the latest iteration which include an Improvised IEP together that include support from OT/PT/ST, we are stepping nearer with our vision each day!

Photo taken 2018

What Parents Says

“The activities improved his expressive vocabulary, reading and writing. He can now communicate with others, understand instructions, is generally more obedient and likes to participate in activities.

Chong W.M. Jin Hao's Dad


Christine Jeremy's Mom

He was calmer and a lot less angry. We noticed an amazing change in him. My daughter also noticed much improvement in her brother. For the first time, he initiated a conversation with her by saying “How to play?”

Ms Chiew Fu Yen's Mom

Our relatives were impressed by my daughter’s ability to read and spell difficult words. They noticed a lot of changes in her. This Chinese New Year, my daughter again impressed our relatives and helped in kitchen.

Joanne Cassandra's Mom

Video Testimonials