E.P.I.C. Program

Elementary Program Intensive Curriculum


Work readiness practicum


Vocational Skills Programs


Education Program Intensive Curriculum


Academic Curriculum Exploration


One to one attention for fundamental skills development.

Provides children with a safe, elementary learning environment to meet their academic needs.

The curriculum is carefully sourced from internationally recognized curriculum to meet their quest for formal education according to their learning pace and ability.

What's the Child's E.P.I.C Readiness Targets?

Physical Achievements

to be physically and biologically ready to allow learning to take place.

Concept Understanding

to be mentally and neurologically grasp concepts and improve their cognitive ability.

Social Interactions

to enjoy their learning together with peers and be open for questions.

Ready to hands on these E.P.I.C. Academic Activities


EBO is a progressive program that looks like play but can create positive lifelong change. It’s a program of highly specific, energetic  and sensory activities that tackle their challenges, by addressing the underlying neurodevelopment problems. This not only improves the child’s physical co-ordination, balance and team-related skills, but, crucially, also helps their ability to learn, manage behaviour, interact and establish well-being.

GrapeSEED Oral English

The curriculum focuses on developing the oral language skills of listening and speaking as the foundation for communication. Students also have the opportunity to learn introductory reading and writing skills that are aligned with developmentally appropriate stages.

Cambridge Science

The cambridge Primary science series has been developed to match the Combridge lnternational Examinations Primary Science curriculum framework. lt is also fun, flexible and easy-to-use course that gives both learners and teachers the support they need. ln keeping with the aims of the curriculum itself, it encourages learners to actively engage with the content, and develop enquiry skills as well as subject knowledge.

Scholastic Prime Numbers

Coursework Books introduce and develop concepts and skills to mastery. They also contain exercises for comprehensive practice and assessment. Scholastic PR1ME Mathematics is a comprehensive primary mathematics program based on the best teaching and learning practice of global top performers Singapore, Republic of Korea, and Hong Kong. Now available for all PR1ME Mathematics users is PR1ME Professional Learning NOW! (PPLN), a web-based professional learning resource for educators. It features a digital library of videos organized by grade level that demonstrate the teaching of mathematics concepts following the PR1ME Mathematics instructional approach. Each video is followed by a 5-question assessment to test teachers’ understanding of what they viewed.

Cook Up & Gourmet

The curriculum is designed to inspire children to fulfill their autonomy developmental stages and transition into initiative by providing innovative learning through experience. The objective of the programme is to empower the children to make simple meals independently and to explore basic baking.

Double Doodle Play

Double Doodle Play is an extension of Brain Gym® program that invite children for experiential learning using both hands to explore art and movements. It emphasizes on the importance for a child to appreciate the process rather than the product. When a child’s both hands work together, it encourages eye teaming, fine motor skills and whole-brain development. This will further encourage a child to develop curiosity, spontaneity, expressive with art and in turn, enhance academic abilities.

Breakthru® Fun Day

Breakthru® Fun Day is a monthly group activity to reinforce the month’s thematic learning and celebrate birthdays. Children are invited to lead in games, songs, and stories time. They are empowered to carry out task under supervision to build their self-esteem and confidence to speak with peers and public.

Breakthru® Sandbox

Breakthru® Sandbox is a daily emotional routine designed to create a comfort space for everyone in the centre. It is a space where one feels safe physically and respected for their emotional needs, which then allow them to express their thoughts freely. Children review the routine to develop skills in identifying, recognizing and regulating self- and others’ emotions.

Recognizing His Intelligence

Makes Learning Easier and Interesting to Him.

Our activities are planned with Howard Gardner's Multiple-Intelligence Theory in mind.

Internationally Accepted Language Program

GrapeSEED has combined experience, research, investment, design, text, art, and music to give facilitators the first fully-integrated program based on natural learning principles. It is carefully crafted for childhood education, serving as a program that benefits every student in the class.

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