Communication Skills – Unstructured Play

A Toast To All Of You!

April 29, 2016

Last week, we had our monthly toastmasters meeting at BEST. What is a toastmaster? In literal terms, it sounds like someone who is perhaps excellent at making toast for your daily breakfasts, which to be fair is an excellent skill to have! However, in this case, the definition of a toastmaster would be someone who […]

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A Drama Filled Day at Breakthru!

April 14, 2016

Drama is a great way of expressing one’s emotion, conveying messages and entertaining an audience. We realized children learn BEST when they’re allowed to speak their mind and act out their thoughts in a controlled environment with the guidance of our teachers. In drama, children are taught to express their emotions, act out scenes which […]

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Acquired her sense of responsibility

January 13, 2011

Journal – 13 Jan An 11 years old ADHD boy (CY) commented “I remembered Thursday is free play. I liked today the best!” The children were so happy that they were encouraged to bring any of the play materials and invite friends to play along for an hour. (Child can be creative during unstructured play […]

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