Special Needs Children Family Camp

3rd Special Needs Children Family Camp Begins!

May 31, 2012

And we are all ready to welcome our special families! All counsellors arrived at Refreshing Springs Resort yesterday for our final day of training and practices. Today we took this photo right before the families arrives.   3rd Special Needs Children Family Camp officially begins today! Can you find yourself? If yes click Like ya.

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3rd Special Needs Children Family Camp Countdown T Minus 2 days

May 29, 2012

More training were held today. Volunteers learnt Rhythmic Movements, dancing, singing and various activities in preparation to have a great time with the kids.   Volunteers also learnt about the individual child that they will be caring for today, and making courtesy calls to introduce themselves to the child and his parents. Everyone is geared […]

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3rd Special Needs Family Camp Countdown T minus 3 days

May 28, 2012

Special Needs Family Camp Volunteers training has started! Many volunteers from PJ and other cities have arrived here at Kuala Lumpur today for their briefing, training and preparation. Anticipation is in the air…   The camp will be held on 31 May 2012, see you there in 3 days time!

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“爱,永不放弃。” – 汪妈妈 2012 年大马分享会。

May 15, 2012

特别邀请特殊孩子的家庭,一般孩子的父母, 教师们,年轻人都来参加这一个教育大众接纳特殊孩子的好机会. 钟素明在期盼中得来的小孩,竟是患有先天腦部嚴重受傷。脑部先天有许多空洞,眼睛鼻子在母腹中也没长好,咬字不清,没人听懂她的话。一般人是很难想象家中有智障孩子 所受的煎熬。如今这孩子能正常走路,唱歌,上学,常到医院探访唱歌安慰病人及患童。 讲员:钟素明 (汪妈妈) * 荣获中华民国智障总会[第一家庭]奖 * 组[台湾第一家庭]全台走透透母女樘巡回演讲 * 校园杂志[我的宝贝班]专栏作者 * 2007年出版[万中选一的祝福]她是我的宝贝] * 美国会心基督使团传道人 讲座会日期及地点: 日期 时间 地点 联络 5月19 日 (星期六) 7.30pm-9.30pm Melawati Chinese Methodist Church 27-2, Jalan Melati Utama 4, Taman Melati Utama, 53100 Kuala Lumpur 张翠芸 012-2987192 5月20 日 (星期日) 11.00am- 1.00pm Pandamaran Chinese Methodist Church 387, Lorong Amarasegara, Pandamaran, […]

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2012 Special Needs Children Family Camp 第三届特殊孩童親子營!

March 25, 2012

Special Needs Children Family Camp is back! We will be visiting the highly praised Refreshing Springs Resort again this year. Registration is open now, so email specialbaobei@gmail.com to get your registration form. You may also help to spread the word at your work place / church to encourage participation of: 1) Family with special need children […]

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特殊孩童親子營 – 呼招义工辅导员 Invitation for Volunteers

July 5, 2011

    我们需要基督徒加入行列成为义工辅导员,以协助特殊孩童在营会参与活动。我们将为您安排会前辅导培训及提供相关服务内容。欢迎点击以下开始登记。 We are looking for Christian volunteers to help in our camp! Join us and be a counsellor to take care of our children and support them to enjoy the camp to its fullness. Show love and care to our special need children and they will see this world a more beautiful place. […]

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2nd Special Needs Children Family Camp is open for registration!

June 18, 2011

Submit your email now and we will send you the registration forms! Please indicate in your comments whether you will be joining the family camp as a parent or wish to be a volunteer counsellor.

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Refreshing Springs Resort site visit in preparation for 2011 Special Needs Family Camp

March 31, 2011

The preparation is going on full swing for this year’s Special Needs Family Camp. We have just visited the proposed camp site, and surely we love it a lot. The place is called Refreshing Springs Resort, about 6-7 km away from Tanjung Malim exit (PLUS highway). We love the idea of bringing the children back […]

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