Annual Events

Stories about BEST Telematch 2018 from Apprentices.

April 25, 2018In the effort of improving English communication skills and perhaps found some talent, our children attends English coaching sessions. Our annual telematch provides a great opportunity for them to practice their journaling skills. Below are some stories they wrote about this true event. Story 1 by Kaeven Lee The telematch is a great way to [...] Read More

At the Annual Talent Time and Awards Day 2017

March 3, 2018Written by Chan Ýi Hern (as per originally written by author) This is my 1st talent time ! I'm ecstatic! My mind is floating with so much to lèarn and practice. The day has finally arrived, 28th October, 2017. During rehearsal the day before, i was very stress, so mom compromised with me that Ì [...] Read More

Tete-te-Tete with Cece at Breakthru

September 14, 2017

It was a fun afternoon where Movement Based Learning (MBL) instructors and students learned about the latest developments and got their questions answered from the founder and author of MBL herself, Cecilia Koester, amidst cakes and coffee. MBL Instructors and students taking opportunities to get their questions answered.   The tete-te-tete became a mini workshop […]

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Best Cafe 2017

June 9, 2017The much anticipated Best Café installation was held on the 20th of May this year. It was a fantastic turnout from parents and friends, and the pleasant weather was the perfect boost to start the day. In the weeks leading up to this event, the children practiced diligently and had numerous mock up sessions of [...] Read More

Two More Day to Meet Best Cafe 2017!

May 18, 2017

The much anticipated annual event —— Best Café 2017 will greet you in two more day! We are ready, are you ready? Our children will offer you the best service and best food, therefore, they practice diligently! Coupons are available for purchase online (bestcafe.b2.my) and on the day of the event. You may use the coupons […]

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BEST Café 2017 shop items sales and more!

April 21, 2017This year’s 6th installation of Breakthru’s Best Café will be held on Saturday, 20th May 2017. Breakthru Enrichment Station (BEST) is easy to find. It is located on the second floor of Platinum Walk, a business enclave right beside Setapak Central. On that day, it will be hard to miss, just follow the music and [...] Read More

BEST Cafe 2017 Shop Item Sales!

April 13, 2017A Glimps of Items on Sale at BESTCafe! We are sharing here on the items that will be on sale during BEST Cafe 2017! There are many interesting items and much more to come. Make sure you don't miss this chance to grab one. CLICK ABOVE PICTURES TO ZOOM IN! Read More

Attending BEST Talent Time and Awards Day 2016

October 19, 2016

Dear Phoebe and Breakthru Team As I was savouring BEST children’s tasty peanut butter, I was reminiscing about  the wonderful time I had at the 7th Annual Talent Time and Awards Day at TAR University College yesterday. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your gala event, which I unfortunately missed last year. But […]

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Now… Presenting BEST Cafe 2016!

May 20, 2016

On May 14th, we had this year’s installation of BEST Café and needless to say, it was a great success. The objective of BEST Café is to provide a platform for the children and teenagers to learn life skills, be responsible with the task given, to cooperate with others such as parents or volunteers, gain […]

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Preparing for Best Cafe 2016

May 12, 2016

This Saturday, May 14th 2016, Breakthru Enrichment Station (BEST) will be having this year’s installation of BEST CAFÉ. BEST Café is held once a year to support our children and help them in achieving their different dreams and goals in life. It also helps to inspire and enlighten them as they are able to serve […]

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A Toast To All Of You!

April 29, 2016

Last week, we had our monthly toastmasters meeting at BEST. What is a toastmaster? In literal terms, it sounds like someone who is perhaps excellent at making toast for your daily breakfasts, which to be fair is an excellent skill to have! However, in this case, the definition of a toastmaster would be someone who […]

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