Apprentice Program

Apprentice - Event 1000

Apprenticeship Program

An Applications Level (Level 3) Program


Training to be a functional worker with knowledge and experience imparting.

Being ready for workplace requires lots of discipline and the ability to follow instructions. We provides the child an environment to learn the right knowledge, skills and attitude to be a relevant and responsible worker. A child learns how to work alongside facilitators as their mentors, and on actual work in a real working environment. We also collaborate with organization that provide job opportunities for our child when they show readiness to work. 

Time to look for a job?
Lets build some good habits first.

Learning diligence and humbleness
will lead them far into life.

They need to learn to be independent and self-responsible.
That's why we treat them like our colleagues in office.

In a safe and non-condemning environment

Teaching them vocational skills such as Culinary Skills, Homefix Skills, or Computer Literacy will equip them for job readiness. But what is essential is the work attitude that makes them valuable in any employment.

Child is ready to explore his job opportunities based on his or her readiness, not by age.

Eric Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development

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Revised 2023

Overview of Our Programs

Get to know our program framework and structure, and how can these programs are designed to include academic progressions and eventual as an independent worker.

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Our Basis

Our Education Philosophy

Getting the child ready to learn biologically, physically, and intellectually based on sound educational theories and applied science.

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How Do We Start From Here?

From assessment to goals implementation, this is how we do it. Your child’s journey with us begins here.

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Service Plan Pathway

What we think is important to help your child to carry out his/her individual service plan (ISP) at Breakthru in addition to clinical therapies.

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