Applied Competency-based Education

Move Together in Groups,
Play Together with Friends,
Study Together with Peers

Based on Eric Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development, we prepare our P.E.A.R.L.S (Personalized Education And Refinement Learning Structure) and A.C.E. (Applied Competency-based Education) programs according to the development stages of your child.

Upon gaining the ability to sit and learn for a longer period, the child is progressed to ACE. A new child my also join the A.C.E. program provided he shows the required abilities during assessment. When the time come to eventually learn how to be a worker to make his/her living, he shall progress to APPRENTICESHIP program and learn to be ready for job deployment.

Why A.C.E at Breakthru?

Child joins the learning program based on his or her readiness, not by age.

Eric Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development

Recognizing His Intelligence

Makes Learning Easier and Interesting to Him.

Our activities are planned with Howard Gardner's Multiple-Intelligence Theory in mind.

A.C.E. is Designed To Follow Child's Developmental Needs

For start, a child may require a safe space for personal learning and to work out their challenges. This is where he/she do our P.E.A.R.L.S. program.

As they develop stronger independence skills, the child are facilitated to develop their confidence and interactive abilities by learning together with peers in a multi-curriculum educational syllabus.

This is what A.C.E. aim to do.

Goal Cycle


Goals that are consistently achieved will be cleared and celebrated. Child’s level of ability evaluated for inclusion or vocational training.


Half yearly parents and facilitator meet and update on child’s development at home. Revisiting existing goals or setting new goals.


Facilitators review child’s progress and plan for their next session.


Exploring the abilities of a child through experiential and vocational learning along with fine and gross motor skills training


Looking into the developmental gap goals and educational goals a child would need.


Time for child to learn to play with peers and be social, improving interaction ability.


Filling up neurological, physical and emotional developmental gaps to be ready for learning using movement-based learning techniques


Academic learning time through educational subjects such as GrapeSEED English, Numbers & Maths, Montessori and Science.

"Stations" are designed and equipped to carry out the goal cycles

Proven Language Program

GrapeSEED has combined experience, research, investment, design, text, art, and music to give facilitators the first fully-integrated program based on natural learning principles. It is carefully crafted for childhood education, serving as a program that benefits every student in the class.

Our Culture

Participating in Kitchen Cooking

Lunch Preparation and Good Food

Everyday a different meal, children gets to participate in lunch preparation, however quality and nutrition are always our top priority. They bake cookies too.

Talent Discovery Programs

Skill Development Class

Classes like Kitchen Cook-Up, Double Doodle Drawing, Music and Dancing are introduced to explore and develop their hidden skills.

Weekly Outing Routine

Importance of Be in Nature

Weekly outing to places of nature for a true playing experience. We even expose our children with outdoor cultural appreciation and festive celebration events.

Movement Based Kinesiology Application

Neurological Readiness for Learning

Connecting a child’s neurological pathways prepares him/her to retain their learning better and able to overcomes his/her learning challenges. through Movement-based Learning techniques.

Confidence Building Events

Events to Make Learning Relevant

Annual Talent Time and Awards Day, Sports Day, Story Time, Carnival and Stay Out Camp allows the child to shine and improvements recognized.

Uses Essential Oil

Avoiding Synthetic Medication

In the effort to stay organic and avoid synthetic medications, we uses essential oil for all our child’s sterilizing needs and pain reliefs.

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