My Visit to The 9th Annual Talent Time and Awards Day

I wished to thank you for the orderly parking arrangement.

As I entered , was greeted  by aunty Jia Hui she looked stunning and beautiful with little make up! Mom praised her, I couldn’t help admiring her beauty in silence.

We were ushered to photo booth for photography.

It’s my 1st time to Dreamy Woods. The entrance was simple compared to the warm welcoming spacious hall. I walked around exploring. Saw the children comfortably waiting to shine their talents.

The opening show was spectacular ! Drum Performance was alive that brought extra enthusiasms to everyone.

We stand to welcome our national anthem.

Aunty Lian Ai Speech

Aunty Lian Ai’s name was announced to give her welcome speech. As the year’s theme was I HAVE A DREAM she spoke about her dream. With dedication she worked to her dream and she’s still at it. She touched on 3S for Breakthru children.


We need all the SPACE to search ourselves, talents in our time. When our SKILLS arise , do lend the right SUPPORT to shine us. Her message clearly telling every parents to instil her 3S to build their children.

Rev. Ong Bee Leng, our guest of honour has a 25 years old autism son. Hope Breakthru talent time will open her eyes to her son’s future .

The performance:

  • I have a dream
  • Come alive dance
  • Get back up again
  • Happy song dance
  • I am so happy dance
  • I can see clearly now Mta

The KL/Kajang, combined to larger group is a great idea. No doubt 2 centres live apart but children were able to exhibit an awesome  presentation. With good teamwork every impossible is Possible ! I’m sure parents were impressed with the performance. Indian dance by little kids from Kajang was talented. Little  girl danced like star.

Aunty Phoebe Speech

Aunty Phoebe, I’m sorry I couldn’t remember much of your speech.

You introduced your upcoming book. You are grateful to your family and

friends who helped to complete your book. Being an explorer, you will continue your exploration in building your skyrocket skills to help us!

Awards presentation

Every child received their awards for appreciation of their efforts to continue sailing with Breakthru.

Apprentices awards presentation, wow! You know each and everyone of their growth, talents from your heart ! Am sure they will treat you like a ‘mom’ that they can find comfort in.  Congratulations on their graduation.


Yung Han and Marcus, you both were good partners, you embrace each other to a smooth flow in your speech. Yung Han has improved tremendously compared to last year. Marcus your calm and confidence in rendering your speech was an encouragement to all as well as to your partner.

I thank you very much for your invitation and a good show !?

Ye Hern

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