4th SHARE Project – 23/4/18

Bryan, Adam, and Ian (starting from left) learning to do DIT clothes hanger

Learning how to set up a DIY Cloth hanger is an exciting and adventurous project for our students.  The objective of this project is to construct a movable hanger to dry hand towels in a limited space. This double-pole telescopic clothes hanger is made of stainless steel and bought from a 2nd hand store in Petaling Jaya.

Ian (on right) did the base for the hanger while Adam (standing on left) stacked up the bar

Learning to make things steady and firm was a challenge to Ian and Adam. They had to identify and group bars of the same length and join them together. Matching the bars  and manipulating them into standing positions required good eye-hand coordination as well as spatial skills.

Bryan (on right) and Adam working as a team to set up the base for the hanger

At first, they grappled with the difficulty of constructing a firm base. The bars kept falling and scattering everywhere. Later they discovered that they needed to work as a team and also to be patient. One person had to hold the bars in position while the other person inserted the bars into the right holes before tightening the bars. It was a practical and good lesson in working together.

Hand towels with clips were put on the hanger

About an hour later, their efforts paid off. They also added two bars into the middle with cable tights to wrap at the side. That created more space to dry the hand towels. The boys put out the wet towels to test the balance of the hanger. It worked! YEAH! Congratulations to the team.


Report by

Caleb Chang

(Facilitator of SHARE)

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