3rd SHARE Project – 27/3/18

Students learning to sort the recycle items.

Making our own DIY recycling bins (tong kitar semula) is an exciting project we started at the beginning of this year. We categorise bins for specific items like Paper (blue), Plastic (red), Cans (yellow), and General Waste (black). We labelled the Pails according to the categories and explained the meanings of the colours and show and identify the type of wastes for the specific pail.  There was a lot of work to do.


We were amazed at the amount of recyclables we collected in a month. We took our collection to the recycling centre in Danau Kota. It is good that we have a recycling centre so near to BEST centre as it could make our project sustainable and profitable. So on 27th March, we officially sold our first consignment of recyclables and made some money.

Adam, Shu Han, and Bryan packing the recyclable items.

Ian and Bryan at the recycling centre.

All items were further sorted at the centre. They were then compressed into bales and awaited transportation to the designated manufacturing centres. 


Our students were able to observe the various stages of the recycling process at the centre.  It was a great learning experience for Ian and Bryan. We also raised RM16 by selling these recycling items. The money will be used in buying necessaries like hand gloves and vest. Thanks parents for their supports in giving parts of these recycled materials. 


 Report by

Caleb Chang

 (Facilitator of SHARE)

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