2nd SHARE Project – 12/3/18

On 12 March, a group of students from BEST Centre arrayed their hand-made upcycled pots of plants on display shelves made from, what else but discarded metal structures, at a Recycling Event in SK Taman Midah 2 in Kuala Lumpur, and managed to sell some of their creative efforts.

(The white metal structures holding the plants are upcycled from discarded items found in the basement of a carpark)

It was an exciting day for the students as they have been busy  making the plant pot holders from aluminium tin cans, yoghurt cups and glass bottles.


Students crafting the tin cans into elaborate pot plant pot holders.

BEST Centre started a DIY Recycling Programme to instil responsibility and awareness about many items we use and throw. Those that got picked up by our garbage trucks will end up in huge dumpsite while many also would be found littered along our streets, drains, rivers and seas. At BEST Centre, we want our students to play a part in keeping our environment clean and also to show them that we can upcycle throwaways into useful and creative products.

Beside designing other uses for the discards, everyone can use the work to refine their fine-motor skills, using scissors, cutting tools and manipulative finger movements.

All these were completed on March 11 for the Recycling Event at SK Taman Midah. The children had filled the fancily-designed pots with black soil and planted each with cacti, Mother-in-law’s tongue and money plants.

On actual day of Recycling Program in SK Taman Midah in Cheras, we setup the display booth with the pots on the rack. Amidst the visitors thronging the school, Chin Kang, Cassandra Quah and Bryan Siew demonstrated the making of the recycled pots. Some visitors bought our pots home.

Starting from left, Bryan, A. Lian Ai, Pn. K.N Selvi A/P Nadarajah, U. Adam


At the end of the event we received a token from the teacher in charge of this recycling program, K.N Selvi A/P Nadarajah. And last but not least, we got to SHARE the great opportunity in exploring recycling and upcycling. YEAH!


Reported by

Caleb Chang

(Facilitator of SHARE)

One thought on “2nd SHARE Project – 12/3/18”

  1. Good initiative…
    Believe the recycle pot can be 1 of the new product selling in coming best cafe…

    Good job everyone… : )

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