At the Annual Talent Time and Awards Day 2017

Written by Chan Ýi Hern
(as per originally written by author)

This is my 1st talent time ! I’m ecstatic! My mind is floating with so much to lèarn and practice. The day has finally arrived, 28th October, 2017.

During rehearsal the day before, i was very stress, so mom compromised with me that Ì don’t need to participate in costume competition. How relieved .

Setting up for showtime!

It was such a grant occasions, the yesterday empty hall has transformed into an multiple stars hall !

The hour has còme, Our 3 young handsome presenters, Bremen, Yung Han and Marcus introduced themselves to start the show.
The drummers playing a lively songs to catch the audience attention.

Then smoothly by our national anthem, Negara Ku. Everyone were to stand to respect the soñg. Some of our performers hold the Maĺaýsia flags.

Guest of honour, Dato Anthony Lim rendered his short speech. He congratulated Breakthru’s achievement on several areas , like the promotion of the Advance level of apprenticeships project, set up a society by parents of Breakthru called Parents and Community Empowerment Association. And aunty Phoebe’s coming up book.

A token of appreciation was presented to Dato for his opening speech by Aunty Lian Ai.

UNDER THE SEA by Yong Ye Sern

Next, a beautiful piece of music, Our theme, UNDER THE SEA by Yong Ye Sern. He played flùently and wìth life !

During the 1st scene, Eddison and Wai Chun drew under the sea pictures when the song were playing. Wow! They .can drew well.

The presenters gave a short introduction of Little Sun Kiddyland, before their cute tinny children performing Baby Shark dance. These children were so adorable in the theme costumes.

The 1st awards giving to Pearl students. Each of them were awarded with their achievements abilities. It was very encouraging for both students and families.

Director aunty Lian Ai gave a short speech about the theme, I like her calling us all Pearls ! Pearls are a precious jewel and priceless too !

Then folĺowed by scene 2 performance and tap dance lead by Edison too. Our 3 handsome presenters were confidence ìñ their speeches.

Next, it’s the 2nd awards giving to the ACE . A few of us were specially selected to hold the placards written the words ÀWARD TIME, to walk across the stage. And I’m one of them! I did it perfectly during rehearsal , when reached the mìddle stage, I paused to look with the placard facing the empty hall and then continued walking to the other end. But, today was different ! The hall was occupied with audiences, I’m lost because mom was not with me! I wanted to give my best but can’t. Am disappointed with myself but God knew me and that’s matter.

Wè were shown a video speech by Mdm Koh, of Little Sun Kiddyland thanking Breakthru and Directors support and guidance especially her mentor

Phoebe. She greatly appreciate them. She aĺso thank Kajang parents for their confidence in her.

After next two performance, there come our special guest appearance, Darren Max from Kota Kinabalu. He was a difficult boy initially. In year 2015, he had a transformation in him, he attended an intensive intervention programme with Breakthru to overcome his difficulty. Now he’s here to rendered 2 songs to entertainment us. He sang like a professional singer !

Chan Ýi Hern receiving her Award!

It was my turn to receive my award in this 3rd awards giving, I went on stage with mom. My award was Best Self Directed Learner Award! What an awesome award and encouragement ! I was awe by their appreciation and acknowledgement.

Aunty Phoebe gave speech but I’m still in my cloud mind with my award ! Haha…..
However, aunty Phoebe you are fabulous and a wondrous woman as in our Breakthru Superheroes video.

Then we had acknowledgement awards to apprentices and to dedicated lovingly mothers who accompanied their Pearls throughout the journey. Mom was one of the recipient. Mom, you and aunty Lillian, Devi, Helen, Poh Yù, Jolie and aunty, deserved this appreciation! Love you all unconditionally !

Prize giving for the best costumes, for individual winner went to Po Shern and for family winner went to Kajang family. Both winners received RM300 each.

Then, the 6th scene a talk show. Followed by our apprentice group rap song, jointly written by teacher Ang Nei and me. I hope audience enjoyed our song.

We closed by another drum circle lead by drum coach. Audiences were distributed shakers made by Silas and friend to bring more life and excitement ! They were to shake to the rhythm of the drum music.

Everyone went home thereafter, joyfully awaken !

What a successful talent time ! A big thank you to all involved to make this day a cherishable memories for me and all who attended.

Report by
Chan Ýi Hern

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