1st SHARE Project – 25/1/18

Our maintenance team was established in July 2017. Members include Adam Ling, Ian Phoon, Chin Kang and Bryan Siew lead by Caleb Chang. We carry out our work in the Service Area daily from 11 am to 12.30pm and 1.30-2.30pm. We call ourselves SHARE and our main objective is to develop a “Can do” and Maintenance culture within Breakthru where we will fix, recycle and reuse all forms of equipment or facilities that have broken down.

SHARE is the acronym for all that we stand for:

1. Safety – Reduce risks damage and dangers
2. Healthy – Clean and hygiene
3. Appearance – Comfort and tidy
4. 3R– Recycle, Reduce and Reuse (Go Green)
5. Empowerment-Equip and train students in self-help skills

On 25th January 2018, we successfully reconstructed a cleaning trolley from the odds and ends that we found around our centre. YEAH!

The cheapest cleaning trolley costs over RM100 in the market. In conjunction with Recycle, Reduce and Reuse campaign for this year, the construction of the trolley is one of our GOALS for 2018. The project had been in planning since last year and having the trolley materializing in the first month of 2018 is definitely a great boost to the SHARE team.

This cleaning trolley uses a kitchen trolley as its base and fitted with various hooks for cleaning tools like a broom, brushes and, windows wipers. An extension was created in front of the trolley to hold a pail for mopping and wiping. The legs of a broken chair made up the handle to push the trolley. The trolley is stocked with two bottles of nature-made enzyme hand soap and also a bottle of multi-purpose soap.

This is our first day of using the cleaning trolley for housekeeping. Ian is pushing the trolley with a smile on his face. Thumbs Up to the housekeeping team today. Workers are happily wiping windows in the corridor. They are working side-by-side to show care to each other. YEAH! We are together as a team.

We give thanks to God and the management for this golden opportunity to have such a GREAT team. Thanks Aunty Phoebe for the support and ideas to pick these children.

Thanks to our maintenance workers for their support and efforts.

Thanks for all your comments that help us to improve our quality and services.

Thanks to our advisor Aunty Lian Ai, for your support and in initiating this project for us. We will keep on growing under your guidance.

Lastly, thanks to Uncle Adam for all your ideas in the construction of this cleaning trolley, you are a great help and asset to SHARE.

Report by
Caleb Chang
(Facilitator of SHARE)

One thought on “1st SHARE Project – 25/1/18”

  1. Thanks all for establishing the maintenance team in best centre…

    Bryan enjoy the new functions so much… He wish can go to centre everyday…

    Do let us know if need any supports.

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