Reaping profits of self-confidence and belief in ourselves.

Breezy Team members were decidedly nervous as we waited for the Directors of Breakthru Enrichment Station  to attend our last presentation for the year 2017 as we would be also awaiting possible ideas and directions for next year.
We had done a practice the previous week and just before the arrival of the directors, we did a quick run through of the presentation.

Yung Han, Jonathan and Iris read out the presentation and Aunty Lian Ai was greatly impressed by the presentation and our achievements. We outlined how we had had our 1st profit distribution just 3 weeks after we kick-started on 31/7/17. Each of us, Yung Han, Jonathon, Ìris and myself received RM15.00.

Yung Han and Jonathan were usually busy with their work schedules, but we managed well with additional help from our VIP member Chin Kang. He graciously helped us to sail through each of our production with little supervision.
At the end of presentation, Iris read out our to-date profit as at RM111.10 . Wow !   By just contributing about one and half hour of our time and effort every Monday, we have been able to derived an income from our project. We were also able to pay off the initial capital investment of some RM50 put out by teacher Ang Nei. I feel really good. Bravo to everyone!  What a great project ! During the presentation, we again received our 2nd shareholders profit distribution. We unanimously agreed that Chin Kang should be given a share too but he declined saying that he just wanted to help. Each of us received RM18 ringgit so it was a total RM33 per person of working about 2 hours a week for 3 months.
Breezy Corner has built a name and place in everyone’s heart at Breakthru . But due to their heavy load of duties,  Yung Han and Jonathon were not keen to continue with the project next year.
Besides all the drama, Aunty Phoebe gave some suggestions for us to consider
1. Change selling day to Wednesday
2. Buy fruits from wholesale market
3. Additional members to help the workload.
As for Iris and me, we are in as long as the project is running.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t reached a conclusion. Teacher Ang Nei suggested that we wait and see. We will  have to leave it to next year to discuss our new plan.  Well,  we hope for a better 2018 !
Report by
Chan Yi Hern

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