Today we sell ciku and fruits jelly !

Since the ciku was one of the best selling fruits and in season,  we decided to sell them again.
Both the ciku and jelly were sweet and sweetened our hearts as well!

Our customers were so fond of these 2 items that within a short period all were sold out.
Going round today was smoother and easier for both Iris and me. Hooray ! Business flowed smoothly  and well.

This would be our last sale  for the year as we wrapped up for the year end holiday. On behalf of our apprentice team, Let’s give a big :

Thank You to the management for this golden opportunity and believing in us.

Thanks to our loyal customers for their support for each of our weekly sale.

Thanks for all the comments and advice that have motivated us to continue to improve our quality and services.

Thanks to our teacher Ang Nei, for your support and for initiating this project for us. We will keep on growing under your guidance.

Lastly, thanks to VIP member, Chin Kang for all your rescue missions in our production, you are a great help and asset to Breezy Corner.
After all the hard work, Breezy team received theiŕ second shareholder profit distribution. Each of us received RM18.

This round we included our VIP member, Chin Kang in the distribution. However, he generously contributed his share back to Breezy Corner as our next year’s seed money. We have to thank him again.

Celebrating our RM18 shareholder returns.

Breezy Corner is now taking a break for the holidays.

Let’s meet next year with moŕe for a healthier 2018 !

Report by
Chan Yì Hern

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