Another Day of Selling Fruits

What a coincidence ! It’s our 13th pŕoject and today’s date is 13 !

Again, we were shorthanded as Jonathon and Yung Han were not in today. How are we going to get our sales going as Jonathan, our top sales person was  not in? Then, Teacher Ang Nei suggested that it was a good time for Iris and myself to take over sales, for a change. We went with mixed feelings. My mind was clouded, not by fear, but just the newness of walking around selling fruits. But my dear Iris was so scared that she had difficulty talking!  Good thing Mom went with us, helping and prompting Iris to speak out. Incredibly, withing half an hour all the fruits were sold out. We made it in record time !

Prior to the sale, our production operation, as usual, proceeded rather smoothly and, we have Chin Kang to thank He is our faithful VIP member who is very adept at cutting the fruits.

Our fruits of the day were crunchy Guava and sweetie ciku ! These 2 fruits are currently most in demand, especially ciku! Uncle Caleb and Auntie Lian love them and told us to always keep them in mind whenever we have ciku for sale. We will definitely remember their requests.

Many thanks to aunty Lian Ai, Mandy and uncle Caleb for being our big buyers for the day. Wow !

We promised and we delivered.

Fruits were sold at RM1.00 each.

Happy healthy fruits,  Always think Breezy !

Ŕèpòŕt by
Chan Ýi Hern

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