Breezy Corner delivers every Monday.

Pinèapples and papaya were our fruits for the day.

We bought Hong Kong’s papaya even though it was a little expensive as the texture and sweetness were better than local papaya. Well, we did promise to give our best !
Two of our team members, Yung Han and Iris were busy with new their schedules! Thankfully, Chin Kang  and Nicholas came to rescue. Chin Kang cut the fruits while Nicholas packed each slice of fruit neatly. Our super sales person, Jonathan, went around with the ice-cooled fruits around the classrooms and office. We had less fruits to sell because Kaeven and Chin Kang each bought a whole pineapple. Hurrah! But that also affected our other customers because there were less fruits to sell. All fruits were sold out by 1pm.
I was absent due to a medical appointment so our teacher Ang Nei stepped in to help clear and clean up.
The Breezy Corner team is very committed and despite the lack of manpower, team members did what have to be done so that our customers will get their healthy dose of fruits for the day.
Another successful fruity day !
Rrpoŕted by
Chan Yi Hern

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