Widening Job Opportunities

Amenny Chua and Ivan Chong, Co-founders of Widebed Sdn. Bhd., a short-term rental host and concierge services platform spoke enthusiastically to a group of parents and children, explaining their concept and vision of creating job training opportunities for young adults with learning difficulties in collaboration with Breakthru Academy.

Amenny Chua and Ivan Chong giving the thumbs up to the successful conclusion of the meeting.


Widebed Sdn.Bhd. manages four-star hotels and serviced apartment complexes around Petaling Jaya and Bukit Bintang areas. Under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, they are looking to provide job training opportunities to young adults with learning difficulties and a possibility of working with the group or within the hotel industry. Chong outlined a one year program that consists of a 4 monthly stint in the areas of Housekeeping, General Marketing and General Administration leading to the development of a Business Unit. During the training period, a mentor will be with the trainees at all times to supervise and help them understand the tasks required. Trainees will be exposed to every aspect of a day-to-day running of a 4-star hotel.


Chua and parents in discussion.

Parents present were noticeably excited and appreciated the tailored-made training for their children. That it came from a company with a good 10 year track record in managing 4-star hotels and short term rentals for serviced apartments made the program credible and sound. To top that, Chua and Chong have worked with children and young adults with learning difficulties having run a Kids Toastmaster for Breakthru Enrichment Station in 2013.

More importantly, Chong said, “I grew up the hard way. There was not much guidance and I basically fend for myself. Now my biggest intention is just to help.” He added that Widebed runs on 3 main core values that he wants to inculcate into all trainees and interns. First, Accountability and Responsibility to provide the best service; second, Positive Attitude in supporting each other and to work as a team and, Passion in delivery and performance of tasks. Chua also detailed the security and safety measures that  are in place at the various training venues, foreseeing the natural concern parents would have for the safety of their children.

Madam Ngiam Lian Ai explained to the parents that the program is a collaboration between Widebed and Breakthru Academy. The Academy’s role is to select and assess suitable candidates for the program as well as to act as the channel of communication between parents and Widebed.

Facilitator Sook Fern looked at the collaboration as an open door that would guide young adults with learning difficulties take the next step into independence.

Both parties held a simple signing ceremony to ink the undertaking.




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