This week we offer pomeloes and fruits jelly. One of our team, Iris had gone over to Ipoh oveŕ the weekend and bought two pomeloes to test the market !

Everyone in B.C. was involved in getting the fruits and jelly ready, from cutting, peeling to packing. Even, Aunty Mandy couldn’t resist  helping us pack the pameloes.
We enjoyed the busyness and welcomed more helpers as it created and built a better relationship between ourselves.
Surprisingly our jelly sold like hotcakes again. Making jelly was not an easy procedure. We need to select a good brànd of jelly with a reasonable price.
The making of our healthy fruity jelly is as below:
1. Wash and dry the jelly containers
2. Scoop cube fŕùìts into each container
3. Cooking jelly, follow instructions carefully.
The right amount of watèr and cooking time need to be followed otherwise the jelly will not turn out well.
4. When cooked we have to scoop into containers fast before it gets hardened.
5. Then we leave it cooled, around 30 minutes before keeping into refrigerator.
6. A few hours later, take out from refrigerator,  then gently and carefully take each fŕùìts jelly cubes with toothstick and stored them into tupperware before bringing  to Breakthru for sale.
Our small fruity jelly are small but very big on tender loving care ! Hooray ! Within a short time they were all sold !
However, the sweet pomeloes took a slightly longer time to sell off. We could not offer the fruits at a low price because the pomeloes were expensive. Maybe no more pomeloes for sale.
We thank our faithful and generous customers for helping us in our enterprise.
 Bŕeezý is growing and harvesting !
Healthy body think Breezy !
 Report by
Chan Ýi Hern

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