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Fruits and jelly day!

We had 3 seĺections for today.  Frùits jelly, ģrapes and papaya.
Production went smoothly. Ching Kang very ably led and helped us from the beginning till the end. His services saved us a lot of time. Good leadership Ching Kang!
Ching Kang ( in green beanie) supervising the cutting and packing.
We aĺso had an additional helper, although very noisy, Breakthru’s apprentice cook from the kitchen, Kaeven. He was glad today as we were selling grapès whìch were his favourites.
Sales was good today too! All were sold out within a short period. However we received feedbakc from Aunty Phoebe about our prìcing. We will hold a discussion on this  matter when we meet next. We value feedbacks as they will help us to improve our quality and services.
Thanks Breezy Team for the effort and passion. Together we  can do it !
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Çhàñ Yi Hern

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