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Fruity day again !

Today we have crunchy guava and melon.
Our leader,  Ching Kang ĺed  our  production team smoothly. He and Yung Han took charge of melon while Iris and Jonathan cut the guava.
We always priced our fruits reasonably,
1.  Melon at RM1.20 per piece , while
2.  Guava at RM1.00 per piece.
Today was anòther blessed day! Fruits were sold out fast!  That brought a lot of cheer to our team because we are always dogged by the fear that we would not be able to sell all our cut fruits. Team also managed to sell some to the participants who attended the Rhythmic Movement Training International course on that day. We are pleased to have others who believe and supported us in our Enterprenuership project.
We also have sufficient fund to pay teacher Ang Nei part of the loan she gave to jumpstart our project!
After a noisy discussions we finally agreed to create a whataspp chat group, to be called Breezy Corner. Teacher Ang  Nei emphasized that it is strictly for relevant communications pertaining to the project only. Everyone agreed and noted .
Later in the evening, we were told by Aunty Lillian that she had not been approached to buy fruits since the the first day of our project. She said she enjoyed eatìng fruits after lunch!  Mom assured her that we will keep her in mind and will inform the sales team to look out for her.
Everyone was in good spirit as we achieved good sales !
By Chan Yì Hern

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