Breezy Corner Update

Hey ! We are back after a rather long break.

Today we have something different, FRUITS JELLY besides sweet pineapples and pears.
Hooray! Fruits jelly were sold out within a short time. Teacher Mandy bought 4 cups! Thanks for your great support. We didn’t make a lot as we were testing the market today.
Our team was down with bouts of flu and stomach problems. However, they were not so well, Iris, Jonathan and Yunģ Han kept up their good spìrits from the beginning of the production till the end.
Like the serious entrepreneurs they are, they took to their jobs and proceeded with the sale of the cut fruits and jelly. Later teacher Ang Nei and I went to the office and made some sales to Aunties Christina and Katherine.
We had a slow breezy sales today. The Jelly and pineapples were sold out except the poor juicy pear. Later, teacher Ang Nei decided to reward our team with the pears as a healthy treat.

We also had a short discussion pertaining to the purchasing of fruits for future sales. Yung Han, Jonathan and Iris felt they were not ready for the role yet. In conclusion, Mrs Chan graciously agreed to continue her role as the fruits purchaser for a little while longer. However, I hope in time to come,  they will take the initiatives to share in this responsibility as well.

Believe in Breezy and you will reach your Destiny !
Report by
Chan Yì Hern

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