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Our cut fruits continue to receive overwhelming response!  Within a very short time, all were sold!

We spent about an hour in our preparation but all it took was a split second to sell off.
Since the 1st project, fruits that have received good response were guava, dragonfruit, pears, papaya and melon.
We had another round of discussion to assess our sales and services. It was a good discussion as a few concerns were highlighted by the sales team.
1. Iris voiced her concern about doing her sales alone.  She gets confused with calculation and feels she needs someone with her. In fact, she was short of RM1.  Therefore teacher Ang Nei and Mrs Chan agreed that Iris will help with the preparation and recording the accounts for now.
2.  Jonathan feels he can do his sales alone. However Teacher Ang Nei suggested that he could have Nicholas to help him carry the basket.  Together they went on with their business.  Jonathan was an all rounder from preparation to sales today !  Wow! You are a champion Jonathan !
3.   During preparation,  Jonathan did his very best at cutting the fruits but he still need practice although his performance was better today.
Our  kind volunteer helper, Ching Kang was a great help .  Iris arrived late for the preparation and Yung Han was absent today.
We thank you Ching Kang for your help, we also  hope one day you will join us, to assist us with the preparation.
4.  Teacher Ang Nei suggested making jelly for our next sales. Wow!  Additional item to our Corner!  Ching Kang suggested fruits jelly as fruity goodness is our theme.
The conclusion was to make jelly at home as a start.  Yi Hern’s mom, Mrs Chan volunteered. We will include the jelly in our September sales.
5.   Profit gain from sales
Since our 1st sales till to date, we gain a minimal amount of profit from our sales.  Teacher Ang Nei decided to distributed some shares to the four shareholders;
Jonathan,  Yung Han,  Iris and Yi Hern today.
Each one received  RM15.00 !
We received our shares cheerfully. We were greatly encouraged and also understand the costs and profits of an entrepreneurship. We have to work hard and also be creative in thinking about new things in order to increase and improve our sales.
BREEZY  is the best of the best !
Chan Ýi Hern
Breezy Corner team

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