Yahoo! We are at our third fruit sale. During preparation, we were surprised and happy with additional help from Chin Kang. We also discovered that he is very good at peeling and cutting fruits. He also taught Yung Han the finer art of slicing and cutting fruits. Our preparation for the day moved easily and smoothly. Wow!

The fruits for the day were guavas and rambutans. We hope to offer more variety of fruits.
By 12.30 pm, our pair of sales team, Jonathan and Iris had gone round to sell the fruits.
Today, we gathered some feedback and requests from our customers concerning the fruits and our service. Our sales team received requests for papaya, apples and oranges. Later, we had a round table discussions with teacher Ang Nei and my mother about the requests for other fruits. One particular request was to provide an “asam” seasoning for the fruits but the team agreed that we would rather sell the fruits in their original forms. Why add something alien to something so fresh and nice. Teacher Ang Nei discussed ways of answering questions posed by our customers.
We did not sell all our fruits but later Aunty Phoebe bought up the remaining fruits making our fruits a sold out hit again.
We would like to thank everyone for their good support and motivation.
Breezy Fruits are the best , forget the rest  !!
Prepared by
Chan Yi Hern

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