BREEZY CORNER – a student initiated enterprise

Breezy Corner took off on 31 July 2017. It had developed from a writing class presentation project where our teacher wanted us to think of something of value which we could add to Breakthru. We brainstormed various ideas, did a quick mini survey and agreed that something of value for the staff and student would be a fruit corner. Iris was tasked with designing the powerpoint with me as the writer of content and Yung Han together with Jonathan would speak during the presentation. Everything went well and the management supported our idea of having a fruit corner.

Our fruits of the day were crunchy guava and sweet juicy dragonfruits. All four of us took turns washing, peeling and cutting the fruits before neatly packing the fruits up for sale. To ensure freshness of the fruits, we included ice-cubes in the storing containers. Actually we had a few hiccups but managed to release our fruits on time.

Jonathan, Yung Han and Iris cheerfully took the fruits to the customers. Our fruits were all well received and sold out within the lunch hour! Hooray!

It was a good response for an initial start. Teachers, apprentices, parents and students enjoyed the fresh fruits and we had comments and suggestions to better our service and products.
It was an exciting experience for all of us. We were actually starting an enterprise and learning to make decisions and making some money. We are thankful to the teachers and management for their guidance and support. Also, I must thank my mother, for being with me and my fellow entrepreneurs in this project.
Our team will continue to improve on our services but as to our fruits, we serve the best.
Written by Chan Yi Hern for the BREEZY CORNER team.
The team is made up of :
Apprentices :
Yung Han, Jonathon, Iris and Yi Hern
Teacher :
Ang Nei
Assisted by:
Mŕs Chan
By invitation-


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