BESTCafé 2014 all set to go!

Come and join us on 17 May 2014, BESTCafé starts from 10.00am – 3.00pm, only for 1 day. Its best to come earlier than 12pm so that you can avoid the peak lunch time, and take your time to enjoy the food.

Our children has been practicing hard on serving and PREPARING the food, and they are truly enjoying it.

We ensure the quality of the food are of the best quality and standard, rival many well known restaurants in town.

Check out the food here!

BESTCafe Crew 1
Our Delivery Crew – The SPIDERMAN team, in green!

BESTCafe Crew 2
Our Kitchen Crew – The MASTER CHEF team, with hats.

BESTCafe Crew 8
Our Service Crew – The CAPTIAN AMERICA team, in red!

BESTCafe Crew 3

BESTCafe Crew 4


BESTCafe Crew 5


BESTCafe Crew 6
First Time Washing Chicken…

BESTCafe Crew 7
Blending onions and garlic for grill chicken.

Do come and support our fund raising project, coupons can be purchase online here…

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