"Teachers there are always flexible and creative …" – Soh Kai Yuen

An Intern’s Testimony

after being a full time assistant for 3 months at BEST Centre.

The best part during my practicum in Breakthru Enrichment Station was seeing those children with special needs improving and overcoming their difficulties little by little, even though within a short period of time. After all, those little improvements would become a big change in them, and all of the little happiness that I perceived from their improvement had become the best reward ever. Those little things can be the way they communicate with others, their sense of self-responsibility, or even their joyful expressions while learning. Other than that, I also learned a lot more than I expected. I especially like the way they help children about the brain development, like RMT and brain gym. Sincere thanks to Ms Phoebe Long who gave me the opportunity to get to know about these movement-based programs. I am so grateful that I could  absorb new knowledge and was able to gain experience at BEST centre.

During my internship, the important lesson that I learned was the importance of education. Education was not only about academic knowledge but also the living skills as well. All of us need to be educated, including people with special needs. I have seen so many cases in real life when parents who have kids with difficulties and disabilities, choose to give up educating them without trying or seek for help. I was part of this stereotype group before I got to know about special needs.

The internship also created awareness about special care for special needs children. Breakthru Enrichment Station has successfully given me a wider vision about hope when many think it’s hopeless. I am also glad to see the awareness is rising because of more and more special needs centres which establish goals to help the special children to overcome their difficulties and provide the support for the parents just as what BEST centre is working systematically now.

After completing my seven weeks of internship at BEST centre, I found that every action they take and their system running  have their own objectives and purposes. These help the child’s development. Besides, the teachers there are always flexible and creative in finding another way to help the children learn better as long as it’s suitable for the child. If I have to find out which part of their system have to be replaced by another way, I would say none. They just need to maintain the flexibility and creativity as they always do.

Soh Kai Yuen
Diploma Student in Counselling
TAR College