Cecilia Koester and Brain Gym for Special Needs Provider (Nov 2012)

Cecilia Koester, M.Ed, the founder of Movement Based Learning, is internationally known for her work with children and adults who have special needs. She has worked since 1979 with people of all abilities ‐ from typically functioning to those diagnosed with severe disabilities.

In 1998, she published the provocative book, “I Am the Child: Using Brain Gym® with Children Who Have Special Needs”, which chronicles her experiences as a teacher in a public school classroom, drawing out the gifts of eleven children with complex developmental needs. Brain Gym® 170 has been developed by Cece for the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, and she is currently the only instructor registered to teach this specialized course. She has studied at length with the founders of Brain Gym®, Dr. Paul and Gail Dennison, to deepen her understanding of these simple and effective tools for optimal living.

Visit her website at: www.movementbasedlearning.com

Cecilia is coming to Malaysia to conduct a Brain Gym for Special Needs Provider (BG170) workshop from 29 November – 2 December 2012, organized by Breakthru Enrichment Station. For registration or further info, please contact Ms Phoebe (+6012-3292681) or register online:


You may also download a copy of our flyer, and send in the attached form for registration. Please contact us if you have any enquiries at the phone number written above, or call 03-28587977.

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What is Brain Gym® For Special Needs Providers (and everyone who cares for people) ?

Developmental experts have known for more than 80 years that
physical movement activates the brain and enhances learning.

This 32-hour experiential course (BG170) provides an in‐depth study of how to use Brain Gym® with children and adults, with specific adaptations for those with special needs.

Therapists, teachers, tutors, and parents as well as others in the caring professions will benefit from learning how to

  • assess the needs of an individual,
  • develop a Brain Gym® program to meet those needs,
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the program with ways to
  • modify when necessary for best results.

“Brain Gym® for Special Needs Providers” provides excellent applications for a variety of mental and physical challenges including: autism, cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorders (ADD and ADHD), dyslexia, Angelman’s Syndrome, Down Syndrome, speech impairment, brain injuries, blindness, deafness and impairments caused by strokes.

In this course, students learn:

  • 26 Brain Gym® movements and modifications for special cases
  • 7 Building Block activities which support integration of the nervous system
  • The 5‐Step balance process which targets goals for learning and performance
  • Dennison Laterality Re-patterning for whole brain/body integration
  • The principles behind Edu‐K

*Brain Gym® is a registered trademark of the Education Kinesiology Foundation,USA and Brain Gym® International. http://www.braingym.org

Testimonies from previous participants

Sue Walker  – Therapist

I think that this course should be considered as a pre-requisite for all potential Brain Gym Instructors, possibly replacing Brain Gym review.  I will recommend it to anyone interested in finding out more about practical applications of Brain Gym.

I love how your calmness creates changes in us all.

Isabella Thackeray

I feel I have developed the skills to become a better therapist for children with special needs.

Keep teaching! Your classes are very inspirational and provide us with the skills to change the lives of special children.

Lian Ai – Educationist

She’s really innovative in applying brain gym movements.

May Chuah – RMT Instructor

I am grounded with the theory and able to relate the movements to the theory. Positive and I am looking forward to work with the children with my heart.

I like the way Cece teach. She allows my presence in her presence. Cece demo and explained every details why she do this and do that. I have learned to be a better teacher from Cece. Thank you Cece.

Eugenie Chan – Occupational Therapist

‘Go for it! It will open up a new bag of helping tools for you!’

Great Instructor. Never a dull moment. The ‘simplicity’ in conveying the message to the participants.

Didi – Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Cece is sharing to us instead of teaching us. So I personally felt great to know her and hope to learn more from her love and compassion. We know she is great teacher.

I would like to come back to BG170 again.

Hasanah Hassan – Educator, Mother

That every parents, teachers and therapists should have this knowledge as the basis of their work.

I have only the best comments for Cece. She is a great teacher and have a lot of patience and presence for us.

Poong Kody – News Editor

That this course benefits everyone, children to adults, with or without special needs.

Definitely an advanced course on this subject is called for.

Excellent training module with sufficient materials, activities and explanation. Well done.

Sen Ling – Chartered Secretary

Yes, I am more equipped and know how to help my son and other who need my help.

I have truly understand what Cecilia has taught because she truly understand us and how to deliver this course in the manner simple and interesting

Julia – Teacher

I have hope. I am more happy. I have lost some of my stress. I am walking UPRIGHT.

This course is worth my time. A very good course. You will have hope after attending this course.

Thank you very much. You are a good teacher. I have learned a lot.

Wan Po Yan – Housewife

Cece is an excellent instructor and have the heart for everyone in needs.

Yee Yen Ling

I am so happy that I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to apply the techniques on my children. I will tell everyone that they should go ahead and learn ‘Brain Gym’

I’ve learned so much from you Cece! You’re so kind and patience, and have the heart for special needs children.

Donna Kam – Kinesiologist

The breaking down of movements into simple pieces which are so good to do with disable clients.

Cece is very patient, very clear in explaining everything. Thanks a lot for your kindness.

Angelie Tee – Assistant Administrator

I am so excited to go back now and apply to my son.

I really wish you can come to Sabah (Borneo) so that many in our place can benefit from ‘Brain Gym’

Beside with a simple and clear explanation, you are so experienced and caring especially seeing you working on a special need child.

Register for the above course now:


Special Small Group SessionsCecelia Koester will also be having special small-group learning for parent and child on the subsequent days. Such small-group allows parents to:

  • Have Intimate 1-1 attention with each parent attending with one child.
  • Learn, through experience, basic developmental movements that stimulate brain function.
  • See dramatic improvements in concentration, organization, reading, writing, physical coordination and speech.
  • Find what to do with a child who…Come frustrated…….leave renewed and inspired!

Choice of date and time for small-group:-

a) 5th December morning (1pm-5pm)  or
b) 6th December afternoon (9am-1pm)

One session – one child with his/her parents or care giver, limited to 8 families per session.

Interested families please register at link below:


Teachers Training“Working with Children Who Have Special Needs: A Movement-based Learning Approach”

For candidates that wish to teach a one-day workshop that uses the developmental Building Block Activities found in the “Brain Gym for Special Needs Provider” class, Cecilia is prepared to conduct a 1 day Teacher-Training on Movement Based Learning workshop after the completion of the above mentioned class on 4 December 2012 * 9am-4pm * Kuala Lumpur.

This workshop will provide:

  • An experiential 6-hour workshop with Cecilia teaching
  • Feedback from 4 case studies
  • 2 hours of phone consultation time with regard to private clients or questions about the workshops you present regarding movement-based learning
  • A ready-to-use PowerPoint file.

To find out more about this workshop and register yourself, please check the link here: https://breakthru.com.my/best/registration/?ee=51

You may download a copy of the flyer for this event for further information and registration here. Please contact us at 03-28587977 (Ms Elaine Lim) or 012-3292681 (Ms Phoebe Long) for enquiries