ACE Students Movie-Out day: The Avengers

We watched the Avengers movie, a great movie to watch with friends! Witty and heroic, it also gives us a chance to learn about ego and team work too.

We brought a group of our bigger children for The Avengers and came back so excited and keep talking about the show! They had a great bonding time with one another. After coming back from the movie, all are pretty motivated to do work as a team and stayed back to clean up our centre without being told.

In an effort to motivate our children and foster friendship, we planned for a movie out day for our kids. However they have to earn their right to go by displaying diligence in their studies, and good behaviours. The Avengers came by at the right time our children chose it as their deadline to work towards and earn enough points to go.

This day was great, even we adults who brought them enjoyed the trip and spent quality time connecting with our children! We look forward in planning our next special treat outing next month. Bowling seems like a good idea.

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