Steve Jobs painting, with both hands simultaneously!

Came across this superb portrait painting of Steve Job by Aaron Kizer, who uses many techniques of drawing using both hands. How many of us can paint with both hands at the same time?


We are excited to find out that many of his techniques are taught in Double Doodle class. Double Doodle is an activity that we use to enhance visual perception and artistic expression with our children, and it trains their visual skills, hand-eye coordination and creativity.

We have brought in Ms Glenys Leadbeater from New Zealand to teach us on Double Doodle Play, and her class will start on 4 December 2011! In this workshop you will learn how the following abilities affect reading and fine-motor skills of a child:

  • Crossing the visual/kinesthetic midline
  • Binocularity for working in the midfield
  • The internalization of early development movement
  • Spatial awareness and depth perception
  • Self- perception as it regards movement and tactility

Find out more about this workshop here:

Registration has begun, please proceed to register now if you don’t want to miss this chance!

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